Fungicide application rates. Fosphite’s low application rate translates into lower cost, it’s registered as a “Reduced Risk Pesticide” by the EPA yet is very efficient in killing fungi and non-phytotoxic. Your Price: $98.30. line-height:14px; }. REGALIA CG® Biofungicide + tank mixtures: Add 1/2 – 3/4 of the required amount of water to the mix tank. rate of active ingredient each receives by adding the proper quantity of pesticide to that amount of water. 126 0 obj <>stream After all components are completely dispersed add the remainder of the water. REGALIA CG® Biofungicide alone: Add 1/2 of the required amount of water to the mix tank. Jd Allow the water-soluble packaging to completely dissolve and the product(s) to completely disperse before adding any other tank-mix ingredient to the tank. bottle, Active ingredient: Extract of Reynoutria sachalinensis – 5%, Other Ingredients – 95 %. Maintain agitation until all the mixture has been applied. %%EOF Finish filling the tank to the volume necessary to obtain the proper spray concentration.It is critical that the spray solution be agitated during mixing and application to assure a uniform suspension. Apply one pint of REGALIA® Rx with preferred fungicide tank partner at: 1. water/acre). GROUP P5 FUNGICIDE . Maintain continuous agitation until all components have been dispersed and throughout the application process. The amount of LifeGard WG applied per hectare will depend on the spray volume (L/Ha) required to adequately cover the crop. Regalia is an OMRI-listed product that I’ve worked on occasionally over the past almost 20 years. REGALIA CG® Biofungicide is compatible with many commonly used pesticides, fertilizers, adjuvants, and surfactants, but has not been evaluated with all potential combinations. REGALIA ® products are active against both soil borne and foliar pathogens, delay the development of resistance, and help minimize chemical residues. Maintain a spray solution pH between 4.5 and 8.5.COMPATIBILITY TESTING AND TANK MIX PARTNERSCompatibilitySerenade ASO … Calendar-based scheduling (e.g. REGALIA products are active against both soilborne and foliar pathogens, delay the development of resistance, and help minimize chemical residues. If you have access to giant knotweed you could easily make your own. The use rate is 0.5-1 percent (or 2-4 qt in 50-100 gallons of water) when applied alone or 1-4 qt per acre when tank-mixed with other fungicides. 75 0 obj <> endobj Add wettable powders first, then water dispersible granules, then liquid flowables, and lastly, emulsifiable concentrates. Prepare only the amount of spray solution required to treat the measured acreage. Use 50 – mesh nozzle screens or larger. CULTIVATED GARDEN (CG) About CG; Cannabis* Greenhouse & Ornamental; RESOURCES. Or apply Regalia at 1 quart per acre in a tank mix with another labeled fungicide; Do not exceed a Regalia spray concentration of 1% v/v; Begin applying Regalia prior to visible disease symptoms or when disease is first noted; Repeat applications at 7-10 day intervals … Quantity Add to Cart. Choose Options. Review this item. Description; Customer Reviews; Uses / Application; Volume Pricing; New Regalia® PTO prevents and controls bacterial and fungal diseases on turf and ornamental shrubs and flowers. Do not allow spray mixture to stand overnight or for prolonged periods. Maintain agitation until all the mixture has been applied. Appropriate timing of successive applications in a fungicide program is also important. acquired resistance = SAR), which include Actigard, phosphorous acids, Regalia, and Companion. 100g/l Cyproconazole. 73314-1) contains a strain of Streptomyces lydicus and can be used to suppress or control foliar fungal, root rot, and damping off pathogens. Au niveau mondial le nombre total de cas est de 67 292 546, le nombre de guérisons est de 43 217 998, le nombre de décès est de 1 538 448. �~ "�ٲ`�!X����.����� r� �x� ,~�n~vI�,��|�ϰ30]{,��8`���_ �| They can be used as stand-alone products or in combination with other fungicides to strengthen integrated pest management programs (IPM) and to help manage resistance in a wide range of organic and conventional crops, as well as in turf and … Apply Regalia at 2-4 qts per acre in dilute applications to the point of runoff. Begin application of the solution after the REGALIA CG® Biofungicide has completely dispersed into the mix water. Apply at 1-3 week intervals, using the higher rate and shorter interval when disease pressure is severe. ~^s[��� Remove contaminated clothing and wash before reuse. [d�}�� � ���a`� ��j��� "&����\S��bP�@� ��)w06]��A��&)����X[C��+��:�A��.�y��ۘ��1�1q2�1Ne�d��~���˛f0�[4-\����X�p�� �8��f��:�1�f�݆ǥ ���Q� v�Ċ For shallow (up to 4-inch depth) beds or pots, apply prepared suspension at a rate of 50 – 100 gallons per 800 square feet. Therefore, the amount applied per acre or other unit is much more critical because you have no other way of controlling the dosage or rate of active ingredient. 103 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<2277F7F8E6E148E3BFFF26C79766CA9F><2836A4F35A668645A508616F7A0C3785>]/Index[75 52]/Info 74 0 R/Length 124/Prev 371847/Root 76 0 R/Size 127/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Continue agitation while adding the remainder of the water. Apply at a recommended rate of 20ml/20L of water or 200ml per Acre or 500ml per Ha. With the agitator running, add the REGALIA CG® Biofungicide to the mix tank. Warpedpassage Well-Known Member. Email a friend. Do not pre-mix REGALIA CG® Biofungicide with any other tank mix component prior to adding to the spray tank. When tank mixed with another fungicide, the use rate for REGALIA® in a backpack or hand-held sprayer is 0.6 – 2.6 TBL (0.32 – 1.28 fl. Size. Biofungicide. For more detailed instructions please go to, #cmsms_icon_5fd1357ad9fc5 { Both protectant and systemic fungicides are effective when applied before infection occurs, but only systemic fungicides have efficacy after the fungus has penetrated the plant (for a limited time, e.g., 24 to 72 hours, depending on the fungicide, disease, and rate used). Rate of application. Avoid excessive amounts of water that result in the runoff of spray material. Marrone Bio Innovations . Product Application rate ac-1 Actinovate 12 oz Cease 2 qt Regalia 2 qt Trifecta 25 oz Control (water) N/A Actinovate AG Actinovate (Novozymes BioAg Inc., EPA Reg. Don’t expect huge yield gains, but it can certainly happen. Use of the tank mix must be in accordance with the most restrictive label limitations and precautions. It’s been reformulated and finally brought to market by Marrone Bio Innovations and is labeled for just about anything you want. The use rate for REGALIA CG®Biofungicide when applied alone or as an alternate spray in a backpack or hand-held sprayer is 1.3 – 2.6 tablespoons (0.64 – 1.28 fluid ounces) per gallon of water (0.5 – 1.0% v/v dilution of REGALIA CG®Biofungicide) applied at 1.15 – 2.3 gallons per 1000 square feet (50 ®– 100 gallons of water per acre). #cmsms_icon_5fd1357ad9fc5 span { Use higher water volumes with larger sized crops and extensive foliage in order to secure thorough coverage. Regalia Fungicide Stargus Fungicide Venerate Insecticide Row Crops Amplitude Fungicide Regalia Rx Plant Health Turf Zelto Nematicide Invasive Mussels Zequanox Molluscicide Stress Reduction Haven. Start the agitation before adding any tank mix ingredients. Reliant® Systemic Fungicide has been completed, avoid further irrigation of the treated area until foliage is dry or for 24 to 48 hours. display:inline; } proper application, determine the number of acres to be treated, the label use rate and select appropriate gallonage to give good canopy penetration and coverage of plant parts to be protected. bottle / 2.5 gal. It also works as a foliar- and soil-applied fungicide. 7-day spray interval) often is used. Improves overall plant health, which increases yields, enhances root development and makes plants more vigorous, Active against both soilborne and foliar pathogens, Root drenches of Regalia will prevent and fight Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia, Foliar applications will prevent and fight foliar diseases such as powdery mildew, Available in: 1 gal. Formulation. fungicide. Regalia PTO Fungicide . In the latter case, the higher the rate used, the better the post-infection activity. SL (Slurry Liquid) WHO Classification. In these trials, REGALIA® Rx + fungicide increased yield compared to fungicide alone in 77% of the corn trials and 67% of the soybean trials. Cinnerate is a fast acting knock down miticide & fungicide that goes to work immediately to stop disease, immobilize and kill mites, and other insects. REGALIA CG® Biofungicide + tank mixtures: Add 1/2 – 3/4 of the required amount of water to the mix tank. No. The industry standard just got better with Medallion WDG. Wheat: 50-100% flag leaf emergence*Based on data collected from 140+ trials conducted between 2013 – 2016 by Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. and Koch Agronomic Services. Regalia can be tank-mixed with other fungicides to enhance control. To ensure compatibility of the tank mix combinations, evaluate prior to use as follows: Using a suitable container, add the proportional amounts of product to water. 2018-5399 2019-04-03 . For deeper beds or pots, apply prepared suspension at a rate of 100 gallons per 400 square feet, 1/2 cup (4 fluid ounces) for pots with a 3-inch diameter, or 1 cup (8 fluid ounces) for pots with a 6-inch diameter. Look at the average over a period of time to determine the worth of fungicides on your farm. Start the agitation before adding any tank mix ingredients. Active ingredient. %PDF-1.6 %���� Test the mix on a small portion of the crop to be treated to ensure that a phytotoxic response will not occur as a result of the application. REGALIA CG® Biofungicide cannot be mixed with another product with a prohibition against mixing. font-size:14px; inversions, application equipment, and sprayer settings. oz.) Regalia PTO Fungicide. Once a fungal infection such as Brown patch, Grey leaf spot, or Pythium Root Rot has been detected on a golf course, a mixture of fungicides should be applied as quickly as possible to minimize spread of the infection as well as start the healing process on the infected area. In general, tank mix ingredients should be added in this order: wettable powders, dry flowable formulations, liquid flowable formulations, and emulsifiable formulations such as REGALIA CG® Biofungicide. The innovative formulation provides high levels of control with low applications rates, and a high degree of crop safety. Accurate spray equipment DILUTE APPLICATIONS: Regalia can be applied by ground equipment to vine and tree crops in dilute applications of 100-400 gallons of water. A plant extract to induce the plants’ natural defense mechanisms against certain fungal and bacterial Price. The active ingredient is based on cinnamon aldehyde, emulsified with potassium oleate. per gal./water applied at 1.15 – 2.3 gals./1000 sq. I've been doing roughly 2 tbsp per gal for foliar and my plants are doing great with no signs of PM or mold. Corn: V4-V7, or near VT 2. Reactions: Warpedpassage. Always allow each tank mix ingredient to become completely dispersed before adding the next component. Fungicide with systemic and curative properties for the control of leaf rust in coffee. Note: When using REGALIA CG® Biofungicide in tank-mixtures, all products in water soluble packaging should be added to the tank before any other tank-mix ingredient, including REGALIA CG®. Regalia is both USDA organic certified and Organic Materials Research Institute listed for use in organic farming. Mode of action . Here’s what we’ve learned in soybeans. endstream endobj 76 0 obj <> endobj 77 0 obj <. endstream endobj startxref COMMERCIAL . Applying well-timed fungicide applications before physical symptoms develop is ideal, with the correct timing. Make foliar applications of RAMPART Fungicide at a rate of 3-7 L in 300-500 L of water per hectare. ft. (50 –100 gals. Regalia can be applied at 1 qt per acre when tank mixed with another fungicide. As a reduced-risk fungicide, Regalia can be applied to crops right up to the day of harvest without presenting worker-safety concerns. Mixing instructions: Prepare no more mixture than is required for the immediate operation. Begin applications prior to disease development in conjunction with good cultural management practices. Over the last few years, we have studied fungicide applications at great lengths in several crops. ��0�1D8�N���QR�?~,b��;-M�_%�-nx���8�sL�}F����g�%~�8}w^���x��c��:?NK�bi�s��w�V~��l���@Cc�*L���hn1H���*י q��Y>'@E�h���'. See APPLICATION RATES FOR SELECTED CROPS for additional details.' Begin application of the solution after the REGALIA CG® Biofungicide has completely dispersed into the mix water. GROUND APPLICATIONS: The use rate for Regalia is a 0.5-1.0% v/v dilution or 2-4 qt of Regalia concentrate in:50-100 gallons of water per acre when applied alone and 1-4 qt per acre when tank mixed with another fungicide. h�bbd```b``�� ��D�)�H&k��=LB؇�d,X6 Use higher water volumes with larger sized crops and extensive foliage to obtain thorough coverage. Application Instructions: REGALIA CG® Biofungicide is a micro-emulsion concentrate consisting of certain ingredients extracted from Reynoutria sachalinensis. Agitate the solution continuously during mixing and application. Application rate is 10-30ml per gallon. Medallion ® WDG fungicide is now formulated as a water dispersible granule, providing growers with a more user-friendly way to control major foliar, root and stem diseases. Eradicant Spray Schedule (Post Infection Schedule) Apply PROCURE 50WS at the rate of 8 to 16 oz per acre within 96 hours of … Regalia can also be alternated with other effective fungicides in an IPM program for fungicide resistance management. Sep 20, 2017 #7 Many thanks for clarifying. If the combination stays mixed or can be remixed, it is physically compatible.