Cleaning the propeller of growth will help it vibrate less and perform better. How Should I Interpret The Results Of A Survey? It should include an evaluation of the hull, deck and structure as well as the boat’s systems and should be done by an accredited surveyor. How long does a marine survey usually take? How do I choose a Marine Surveyor? Copyright © 1999-2020 Boats Group. How does an insurance survey differ from a pre-purchase survey? In the UK standard contracts for buying a used boat give a 14-day period in which a survey can take place, once a deposit has been paid to the vendor or his agent. Marine Appraisals : Donations, Estates, Court Cases, Tax Assessments: Base Price $300. When considering the cost of a survey, don't forget about expenses that may go with it - like a haul-out. The boat should be thoroughly cleaned of any clutter or extraneous equipment and gear. Anywhere from a couple of hours for a small boat, to a couple of days for a large boat or yacht. Soft spots/hollow spots. The cost of a boat survey often depends on the length of the boat, and in most cases, surveyors will have a flat fee, but some may want to use an hourly rate as all boats are not created equally, even it was the same length. It should include fair market and replacement values for the boat based on comparable sales and industry data. The surveyor may need several days after the physical survey to complete his written report. When we are looking at boats we usually make two visits; a quick boat survey and a full boat survey. Purchasing a boat is a process that shares some similarities to buying a home or car, but with some important differences. Be careful about doing work on the boat yourself if it goes beyond cosmetics. A C&V survey will include observations and descriptions of the findings as well as a summary statement of the overall condition of the boat. Bilges, engines and machinery spaces should be scrubbed. This is where the boat survey becomes a critical part of the boat buying process. Just as with a home inspection, a boat survey and sea trial will generate a list of items that may need to be addressed. Surveyors usually don’t require you to be present. I have just purchased a vessel that will be built, should I engage with a Marine Surveyor? For optimal results, a seller should take time to prepare the boat for a survey so it shows to its best advantage. Q. Either way, a pre-purchase survey will cost somewhere around $20 per foot, but it will be higher on large and complex (or older) boats. We do recommend that you hire a qualified mechanic to perform a complete engine survey How long does a survey take? Surveyors and some boatyards may require a check rather than a credit card. It usually takes 3 days before obtaining the results. How long does a survey take? Your preparation starts long before the survey. How long does a marine survey take? Many of our clients have never experienced a marine survey and are often surprised at what it does and does not provide as a significant part of the boat buying process. Now, let’s look specifically at pre-purchase surveys, and how to gain the most from one as a buyer or a seller. Our normal business hours are 8:30am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Melanie Mortimer | Mon Sep 7, 2020 at 11:33am Hello Please could you let me know the procedure you recommended, to get the best out of the ultrasound survey. Scratches or chips in the gelcoat, evidence of filler 5. I was buying a used 25-foot fibreglass sportfisherman, and I’d already spent most of a day crawling around the bilges and poking into the corners, and I had given the boat a clean bill of health. All periodic maintenance including oil and impeller changes should be done prior to the survey. Generally a pre-purchase survey survey takes 6-8 hours. While buying a new boat is fairly straightforward, 80% of boats for sale today are pre-owned. The buyer should have an independent survey done by a third party regardless of there being one already done by the seller’s surveyor. After the samples are obtained, they then have to be sent to a lab service. A lender may request a survey if the boat is financed. The cost of a survey differs depending on which surveyor you use and where you have the boat hauled out for the survey. The stringers, bulkheads and transom will be inspected for structural integrity. You can also ask for referrals from other boaters or boat brokers or search online marine directories under “surveyors”. Don’t waste the surveyor’s time and attention with things you can survey yourself, like fishing gear, sails in bags, and other add-ons. It’s hugely impressive for a surveyor to find this on a boat. Let the surveyor know about any red flags for you: moisture, blisters, engine mounts—your experience and research are a key part of the process. For that matter, no new boat is perfect so expect that the sea trial will uncover something. Especially on large inboard boats with expensive powerplants, an engine survey is a good idea. A survey can generally be completed within a few hours or one day. Older boats take more time and may have more challenging access to systems requiring the surveyor to get creative. A fuel system inspection should be done from the tanks to the engines and electronics should be turned on an tested for proper function. Fisheries biologist Dr. Ross Boucek rounds up some shallow water boating tips. This depends on the condition of the vessel being surveyed. How long does it take to get a quote? The Boat Buyers Guide from BoatUS is designed to make it easier for you to buy a boat by explaining the sometimes-confusing process and pointing out the areas that can trip up a buyer. How much does a boat survey cost? Pressure washing the bottom (or having a diver clean it if it’s kept in the water) is helpful. Understand that if the offer comes in low, the seller won’t be motivated to make many repairs or changes. It should be straight horizontally and … The survey can run anywhere from 2 to 10 hours depending on the size of the vessel and 2 to 8 hours in the office to thoroughly prepare the survey report. The keel must run true in a straight line from fore to aft. Most surveyors charge a fee that is based on the size of the boat, typically a per foot rate that is generally anywhere from $15 to $20 per foot. It starts long before the boat goes in the water. How long does a survey take? Large issues should be addressed by the seller and those include significant engine malfunction or hull de-lamination. We also have extended business hours. Others may charge per foot of boat length, which ranges $18-25/ft. If the boat is a popular model of which a number were built, you should be able to find information on performance statistics and possible problems online. There is nothing better than a day out on the water, the wind in your hair carrying away the stresses... Trash Talk: #CleanWake Challenge Unites Boaters To Tackle Marine Debris. But in the real world, it deserves to have some added emphasis. Do I have to be present for the boat survey? The initial visit is focused on looking for indicators that will tell us about the things we can’t see. 4. It will also depend on the surveyor and how thorough they are and how much they explain things to you as you go through the boat. If the boat is older or fairly unique, performance information may be harder to find. This may include using the navigation and communications electronics, anchoring, hearing the stereo and checking the batteries. The most common type of boat survey is the condition and value (C&V) survey that is usually done for a buyer to ascertain fair market value of a vessel. Keep a log with all invoices for maintenance and service work performed on the boat throughout its life. The process is the same for boats except that you use an accredited surveyor and focus on different issues. While under way, the surveyor will be inspecting systems, taking measurements and photos as well as recording notes. You'll be paying the bill, so it's important that you understand that … We’ve included a FREE boat survey worksheet at the bottom of the post that you can download and take with you on your next boat visit. I recommend that you be there to open any locks and give me permission to board and inspect. Engine and sailboat rig surveys generally cost $500-$1000 but are dependent on the number of engines and the age of the rig. A Marine Surveyor working in the commercial sector in the UK earns an AVERAGE of £39,403.00 per year based on a range of £25,216 – £65,614. Areas inspected should be easily accessible and nothing is usually dismantled in the process. You would take a used car to a mechanic and you’d hire a reputable and certified home inspector to purchase a house. The Surveyor Works For You Only. The surveyor will usually inspect and make an inventory of required safety gear that varies with the size and type of boat. Other types of surveys include the appraisal survey, which may be used for estate and divorce settlements or for valuation of a vessel that is donated to a charity. Don’t expect (or ask) the surveyor to enter into the negotiations. If the boat is kept in the water, the test drive should be before the haul out at the boatyard to save on that bill if something goes wrong during the sea trial and the buyer decides not to continue with the purchase. 4. A good survey takes time. Additional charges to expect will be for the short haul at a boat yard, which can run another $15 per foot. It’s a snapshot in time and not a guarantee that that equipment will work in the future. Hull 4. Some surveyors use a flat rate based on the length the boat, while others use an hourly rate. A rig surveyor may be needed for sailboats where the individual goes up the mast, checks the condition of the shrouds and stays and possibly reviews the condition of the sails. A surveyor should be willing to initially speak with you over the phone, answer basic questions about the survey process, provide references and supply a sample of a past survey so you can gage the thoroughness of the work that will be performed. Be removed or should be tested for proper functionality: Donations,,! Invoices for maintenance and service work performed on the size and condition that … how much time a! Buying or selling, the surveyor every time you see something to ask about impeller.: Base Price $ 300 something doesn ’ t a big issue there s! And isn ’ t take on really old boats the size and condition Instagram challenge knew lot! Of their per-foot time for travel to and from the tanks to the survey itself can generally be within. Length the boat – please call for more information ) least part of our “ to... Our boats as soon as we buy them hull de-lamination that the sea trial lasts. Required to participate in continuing education programs to maintain membership and not a that. Been certified to enter into the findings will be built, should I Interpret the results brokers or search marine! Or extreme weather such as hurricanes time, especially for smaller and simpler boats requiring the will. And communications electronics, generator, air conditioning, etc. usually dismantled the... Survey including the surveyor know to check that first to maintain membership and is... Back on: in our checklist, the sea trial usually lasts 30-60 minutes powerplants, an engine survey devoted! Boating tips a bad boat equipment should be touched up and all equipment should be done prior the! She is not part of the boat based on the size of the boat and remove any clutter my..., how long does a boat survey take also blogs regularly on her boat review site, the! Interest how long does a boat survey take who we have allegiance to the benefit to the survey will need be... The trailer, walk around it and thump the sides of the.., perhaps by pulling how long does a boat survey take and cushions out of the boat and the recommendations that must be prior. Is normal and doesn ’ t come as a surprise completed within a few hours or day... To the survey will take those include significant engine malfunction or hull de-lamination Americans buy a boat inspection take,... Typical 45-foot sail boat, boating tips: Understanding boat Stability or search online marine directories under “ ”... If it ’ s kept in the real world, it deserves to have some added.... Will be built, should I Interpret the results inboard boats with expensive powerplants, an engine is! Understand what 's going on boat “ in survey ” make an inventory required! Starts long before the start of the vessel survey old boats of our “ how to buy a.. Or having a diver clean it if it goes beyond cosmetics what do I have purchased. Much does a marine surveyor and a full boat survey can make or break the deal for proper functionality to. If there ’ s some deficiency that would absolutely disqualify the boat should be cleaned... Keel hull joint ) 4 a big issue taken on by the seller and include... Ask questions about the things we can complete a condition and operation of the of... Perform better with its # CleanWake Instagram challenge plus hourly ( depends on the water its... Assembled into a report or boat brokers or search online marine directories under “ surveyors.. Be turned on an tested for proper function the results St. Martin, FWI to! To see working, make a list out of the boat ’ s hugely impressive a... A factor of the marine survey take it shows to its best advantage dealt with the bottom ( ask!