Acute Tonsilitis Homeopath Petr Zacharias shares an acute tonsilitis case. These children may have a sensation of a fishbone caught in the throat and may have difficulty swallowing. In particular, this remedy is used for a burning, lingering sore throat that feels better with ice-cold drinks. Phosphate of magnesia is an antispasmodic remedy. Arnica montana is among the homeopathic remedies for sore throat. We can help you make some of these determinations on the phone, though we cannot provide advice on which remedy to get, unless you wish to pay for a short or long consultation with our owner, Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH. A sore throat often makes it painful to swallow. Lycopodium: This medicine should be considered when the child has a sore throat that is worse on the right side or one that has started on the right and moved to the left. Your throat is sore and hot, and red or blue in color. A person that requires lycopodium will also have throat pain with a choking sensation that feels like a ball is stuck in the throat. Belladonna is made from the plant known as Deadly Nightshade. The inflammation does not begin suddenly, and the pain is not severe. Homeopathic medicines can treat chronic laryngitis wonderfully well. Please let us know if you prefer your remedies from Hahnemann Labs, Helios, Boiron, or Standard. Please let us know which potency or size of bottle you want (we generally recommend 6C or 30C for those people who are relatively new to homeopathy)…and you’ll need to let us know whether you want pills/pellets or a “liquid dilution” (please know that only select homeopathic pharmacies sell liquid dilutions). There may be some burning in the throat and a red, dry, swollen throat. Other symptoms include sneezing or a fever. Other symptoms include a painful and tickling cough, congestion, headaches, low-grade fever, a rapid pulse, weakness, and a tendency toward earaches and nosebleeds. Mercurius may help do that for you. SORE THROAT. Beautiful combination of usability, expertise and authority. Although symptoms were severe, arnica was very effective and cleared most of the symptoms after 48 hours of taking the remedy. Then every 2 hours for another 2 doses. LACHESIS: When children have a sore throat that is worse on the left side, this medicine is often indicated. Baptisia is useful in ulcerated sore throat, with excessively offensive odor from the parts. The children feel a swollen, constricted feeling in the throat. They may also have hoarseness. Here are 5 of the most frequently used homeopathic remedies for colds: Eupatorium perfoliatum: This remedy is indicated for colds accompanied by sore bones and hoarseness, along with sneezing, a runny nose, or a dry, stuffed-up nose. You’ll have sharp pains in the throat, extended to the ear sometimes when you swallow, as if something’s jabbing you. This is a sore throat you want ended as quickly as possible. Another important indication for this medicine is a sore throat caused by an allergy. A “Belladonna” sore throat is one that happens out of nowhere and tends to be quite intense. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt for an added bonus. They may have so much salivation that they need to swallow frequently, and they may wet their pillow with saliva. These children are hypersensitive to touch and cold and are highly irritable. It also stimulates the production of leukocyte and helps in efficient excretion of the toxic metabolic wastes. 4 tbsp. The best Homeopathic Remedies for sore throat are Belladonna, Hepar Sulph and Phosphorus. The tonsils tend to be swollen and may have been swollen for a long time. He is the founder of Homeopathic Educational Services, America’s leading resource center for homeopathic books, tapes, medicines, software, and correspondence courses. The tonsils are swollen and red. The list of homeopathic remedies for strep throat mentioned below are the most frequently used in the management of strep throat. to see the choices for medicine kits, or feel free to CALL us to order them (or ask questions). In extreme cases they have a choking sensation on swallowing. No homoeopathic remedy will act to suppress any symptom, be it mucus production or a cough. Here is a list of the many great throat healers from the realm of homeopathic medicine. Ferrum phosphoricum is used for a dry, red, inflamed, and painful sore throat. Homeopathic medicines are often effective in treating the acute symptoms of a sore throat, though professional constitutional care is usually necessary to cure chronically recurring sore throats. The child’s condition may begin with a nasal discharge and then go into the throat. This is a good remedy to use when you feel bloated and stuffed, and when belching offers no relief. A person that requires arnica will develop a sore throat after talking non-stop for long periods of time. Hot drinks provide some relief. There is usually a radiating pain to the ears on swallowing. They usually have a dry, hot, and swollen throat with a constant desire to swallow saliva, despite having difficulty swallowing. Belladonna is the most common homeopathic medicine for the onset of a sore throat; sensation of dryness and scratching in the throat; bright red tonsils. Apis You also feel chills often and are more comfortable in warm environments and drinking warm beverages. Ferrum phos: This remedy is common for acute, non-violent tonsillitis. My 3 and 1/2 year old son had to undergo a tonsillectomy adenoidectomy and have.If you don’t want the details just skip to Post-Op (Day One.). The pain will also worsen when drinking warm liquids. The throat is red and swollen, throbbing with pain. This remedy should be considered for sore throats in children who sing a lot. The reason being, these symptoms are considered to be natural expressions of the individual. They may experience hoarseness in the mornings and cannot stand to have anything around their neck. They have a feeling of rawness and roughness in thethe throat, which is usually worse on the right side and while drinking hot fluids. We also sell some very practical and highly discounted home homeopathic medicine kits! The function of the tonsils is to protect the throat and lungs from infection. The throat is aggravated by swallowing cold liquids and relieved by warm ones. We represent several leading American, British, and European homeopathic pharmacies. The person will get better from warm air and during the daytime; however, things will worsen from cough after eating, talking, touching the throat, deep breathing, and lying down. I have actually taken a spoonful of Manuka honey previously for sore throats, and it helped treat my sore throat within a few minutes. If there is no improvement at all it is not the right remedy and a new remedy which matches the symptoms better should be chosen. The symptoms come on suddenly, often after exposure to a cold air. Ignatia: The distinguishing symptom of children who need this medicine is sore throat pain that is relieved by swallowing foods and is aggravated by empty swallowing (Lachesis children also have this symptom). It is helpful for splinter-like throat pain and a thick, greenish, and irritating nasal discharge. 11 Best Homeopathic Remedies/Medicines For Strep Throat. They have swollen tonsils and lymph glands, and their throat pain extends to the ear. It is known to effectively treat the repeated tendency to catch infection. Other symptoms are dry/sore/raw throat, cough, difficulty swallowing, need to repeatedly clear the throat. Baptisia – useful remedy for ulcerated sore throat, with excessively offensive odor from the parts. It is an excellent homeopathic product for cough. Although the child may not notice the difference, the parent who looks in the throat will be able to see more inflammation on either side.