I mean, there is still a chance that it will fail, I am not naive. Although it is commonly known as” cloning”; “follicular proliferation” or “stem cell hair transplantation” will be more accurate expressions. Even though I’m not impressed at all with the results I have seen, also considering how expensive the treatment is, what confuses me is that I had never heard to talk about it before. I would definitely put my money on Tsuji above the Cotsarelis/Christiano/Washenik combination trifecta. I wonder what happened to hairlosstalk – no movement whatsoever for months. grow new hair from . Strange….maybe Ken will partner with Hair Clone or Tsuji and is planning ahead? I have seen some research on this but these are in mouse models. The hair stem cells are transplanted by the doctors in the bald area, making the stem cells? I hope this is the silent before storm. Stem Cell Suspensions, a serum similar to PRP but with the addition of the patient's follicular stem cells, are showing much more promise for encouraging hair count. I saw this exosomes results and hear doctor Cooley be very excitement about them and there are many scientists who speaks about the key role of exosomes maybe with better concentration getting better results what do you think? No it doesn’t. As Jonny Harris, Managing Director of The Belgravia Centre, a leading hair loss clinic points out, “It’s very likely that by 2020 stem cell technology will be able to solve the issue of hair loss, in both men and women.” Stem cells: More likely, Dr. Washenik is a little overoptimistic when it comes to the UK forecast. Both blogs are great. November 24, 2020. This is perhaps why Dr Washenik mentions the UK. This is then transplanted into balding areas. Ken Washenik is the Bosley head and is supposed to pushing regular hair transplants. Hopefully, autologous stem cell hair transplant related clinical trials are allowed to proceed faster than normal in the UK. In other words, this idea is based on scientific foundations. HairClone has always claimed that they are also working on hair cloning (or hair multiplication) as the long-term holy grail. Greetings, I have a question about stem cell hair transplant, where a few hairs are taken out from the donor area, back of the head and harvested/replicate... See real patient photos. Great comment Ben, and makes sense. They just don’t know very much about hair loss and are getting educated the hard way–by trial and error. They started banking last year, start of this year they recieved a grant and have started working with a UK university to develop a GMP compliant facility to culture patients DP cells ready for treatment. So finally the big result? And remember tsuji himself set the deadline for the public use of his treatment for 2020. it’s March already and he didn’t even present results of a single clinical study. Everything these days comes down to a subscription. I hope that Stemson Therapeutics changes that soon. * RIKEN: the backing of the fully government-financed official research institution. Unfortunatelly the Stem cell theraphy is not used in hair transplant technologies and we have a long time for replication of cell cultures. See my post on FUE versus FUT hair transplants. There’s no recovery time required for stem cell transplant for hair … And I encourage everybody, as hard as it is, and I know what I am talking about, to not overthink our mutual inadequacy called hair loss. A properly demonstrated safety profile, @admin feels like things are slowing a bit right now in the hair loss world, Shiseido Incubation Center … Autologous Cell-Based Therapy for Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss using Dermal Sheath Cup Cells: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Double-Blinded Dose Finding Clinical Study, https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0190962220302723. the benefits of a stem cell hair transplant Unlike a conventional hair transplant, a Kerastem stem cell hair treatment is subtle and discreet. The hair transplant procedure involves taking hair from your Donor Site and transferring it to the area(s) lacking in hair, the Recipient Site, and a local anesthetic will be applied before the procedure begins to limit any discomfort.. This one stood out as it is just 2 years. Or some stages can be skipped based on past research and trial work from the Higgins team. He could of course also be talking about Shiseido. Stem cell hair transplants will be a reality by 2022. This is simply not true. 1. And my conclusion has always been, you get what you pay for. Stem cell therapy for hair loss is not only effective but also very convenient. I hate to say this but there is no revolutionary treatment on the horizon. That’s no coincidence. Good news: Patients treated with HST-001 grew new hairs in the vertex region of the scalp. FUE & PLASTIC, located in Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey offers patients Hair Transplant procedures among its total of 1 available procedures, across 1 different specialties. They are planning to offer them under the UKs ‘specials’ provision. Stem cell cultivation will be utilized in follicular regeneration. Used to be the best source, went down very badly. The scientific article is titled “Hyperactivation of sympathetic nerves drives depletion of melanocyte stem cells” and was published in the Nature journal. But honestly: available in ’21, ’22 or ’23 or even ’25. Financed again by giant umbrella companies like ITOCHU and Mitsui – which choose their investments very carefully and invested together approximately 10 Million USD only in Organ Tech in 2018. But still with its own lab (in cooperation with Dr. Tsuji) and therefore always in touch with R&D. Hang in there. I don’t care. Admin, What are the dangers you speak of? As a matter of fact the FDA here in the United States has been actively cracking down on clinics that take advantage of patients by promising "stem cell" treatments. Hirotaro et al. Genuine indisputable proof it works 2. As of now a stem cell hair transplant is not available. Of course he could also be covering some UK university research trials. But I also do think, the chance of success is higher than that of failure, they are coming a long way now. It is a non-surgical procedure with impressive results. Hair Restoration Surgeon, Board Certified in General Surgery. There’s still plenty of time for a positive announcement in 2020. Both together invested around 10 million USD in 2018 in Organ Tech. The mice eventually sprouted human hair follicles at the site of transplantation. It’s a big challenge, but worth it. Though, if a stem-cell enhanced FUE comes to fruition then I’m getting one – won’t have to worry about my supply of donor hair. PRP is also a useful addition to hair transplantation. Tsuji/Organ/Kyocera always have been very reserved in terms of official announcements, but in every press release and interview over the years they said the same: commercialization in 2020. * Japan has become brutally, almost frightening and dangerously liberal in terms of cell-therapies. For example they developed a IPSc-therapy for spinal-cord-injuries called “Stemirac” which was released already last year. Is it wishful thinking or it might actually happen with something that actually works to come out of the blue? They will extract a 4-8 millimeter punch biopsy which will then be “multiplied” in the lab for a period of 3 months. * Japan: the regulations and laws for trials and regenerative research are just as good as can be: extremely fast market approvals (therefore relatively low costs), with still high quality standards in terms of safety. Hairclone do not need to undergo conventional trials to actually begin treating patients with multiplied autologous DP cells. Funding and interdisciplinary research are guaranteed. It is likely much better than PRP, but not a cure. Of course there is a lot of competition between Japan and USA, and most of the critics were from American doctors, who have much more strict requirements in terms of cell-therapies. The treatment decreases the chances of telogen effluvium, or temporary post-procedure hair loss. Dr. T. The correct answer is that there is no "stem cell" treatment for hair. more and more we’re hearing two years, which means a bit more as a promise due to the “imminent” status.. I feel like I had a doctor degree in biology thanks to you. Thank you admin for those years who help us to inform and discuss the global research in regeneration medicine. The cloning of hair as you describe it is not yet available.It is one of the research fields that I am active in, but so far nothing is close to offering it to the large public (yet).Hopefully 2021 will hold a breakthrough. Best regards. Stem Cell Transplant for Hair Recovery and Side Effects. Thats what we counsel most of our patients. At this point I’m not sure if or when it will be available. Have patience and trust in what was performed. Hair Loss Cure 2020 Once follicles are cryopreserved, they stay the same age as when you freeze them - for decades - and will be available for future therapies. Try to be positive. I had to laugh when Tsuji claimed he would have a treatment on the market by 2020, when in truth, he hadn’t done a single study in humans at the time he made the statement. Even more: we should be very grateful that this constellation is even possible, the chance for it to happen was very low. Just like Dr. George Cotsarelis was when it comes to the US. Potential applications include testing cosmetics, drugs, and burn treatments. 2020 Jun;582(7812):399-404. doi: 10.1038/s41586-020-2352-3. This is very interesting. That’s all we need is one big announcement, and that’ll change everything. Well put, and they have attracted other reputable investors (Mitsui, Itochu etc…) too. Admin, is this good news for hair cloning?https://yaledailynews.com/blog/2019/09/17/hair-follicle-regeneration-may-prevent-cancer-growth/. Lol My Yoast plugin hates it when there are no images in a posts. There is absolutely no valid point and source in this article that supports a release of this in 2022/23. Stem-Cell FUE Hair Transplant and PRP Hair Improvement Journey Hair thickness rejuvenation dream in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates September 2019 to September 2020 Three major requirement if you desire to have the Hair Transplant: 1. And it caused a major stir in the research community, so that even the ministry of health responded: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-01364-7. The most important of these were in the Wall Street Journal and in Labiotech. Annotation: many R&D projects die because they never leave the “academy”. Epub 2020 Jun 3. Is There Anything Than Can Promote Facial Hair Growth? The Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST) method involves removing the entire hair follicle, as well as a number of stem cells in the donor area. Hello and than you for your great question. Which as we mentioned, combines elements of a classic hair transplant with stem cell regeneration, and has been available for some years now. Greetings, I have a question about stem cell hair transplant, where a few hairs are taken out from the donor area, back of the head and harvested/replicated/duplicated how ever many times needed in a lab to create more hair. There are many many conditions what are far far more terrible than our “little” concern. Nevertheless, I will assume that Mr. Washenik reads this blog daily and knows which of the two Japanese entities is closer to the end goal :-). The following 5 pillars are what make me so optimistic, and indeed are, quite unique. I don't know when what you described will be available or if it will even be available. As hair loss is genetic it is something that could be tested for. They’re waiting for hair multiplication, the type that needs to be transplanted ;-). Thanks for the question, your best bet is to send pics to see what can be done, if you do have sparse hair growth, a beard transplant can be performed to thicken the area, or a discussion can be had to partially thicken the beard in certain areas that can give the appearance of more hair growth.... Over the years I have witnessed first hand the clinics that charge very little, and I have witnessed the clinics that charge more. I will update the below post this month: https://www.hairlosscure2020.com/exosomes-for-hair-growth-miracle-or-not/. * Organ Tech: very important: a profit-oriented company who only wants one thing: sell the goddamn thing asap. The best proxy method now on the market is the HASCI method. The stem cell injections and hair implants are relatively painless, and most likely once the patient has done a round of treatments (discussed below), they won’t have to undergo them again. For many people who aren’t candidates for the conventional hair transplant treatments, stem cells offer a new ray of hope. Update: On Twitter, Dr. Greg Williams made an important point about the Robb Report article. Required fields are marked *. A one-shot treatment is not ideal for obvious reasons. They anticipate having therapies in mid-2021. Mr Olivier Amar says, “Even though you see results faster than with a surgical transplant, there are no stitches, no scars and your hair grows in a natural way. Look, these guys are not shysters or con men. If they succeed, and I hope we will know soon, just the simple knowledge that this ultimate cure is a reality, will liberate me so much, that I will be willing to wait eagerly. Early studies conducted in this area proved that new hairs were grown after the stem cells were implanted in bald mice. Waiting is possible, but please know that this is a very old subject and there might be some people waiting for over 20 years now. In the case of male and female pattern baldness, the number of dermal papilla cells is reduced during this cycle, and the subsequent hair is miniaturized (called vellus hairs). The information on RealSelf is intended for educational purposes only. I have a question related to this topic. They could use their abilities for much more important issues. Am I reading correctly? Update: December 1, 2020 — Histogen just announced preliminary week 18 results for its HST-001 Phase 1b/2a clinical trials. Especially with the encouraging recent developments published in a study produced by the Stem Cell Laboratory at the University of Southern California in LA. By being forced in doing so, you grow, and ultimately become a better human being, and simultaneously become less and less superficial. Usually the experts make 5 year or 10 year “cure” forecasts. used intradermal injections of adipose‐derived stem cell conditioned media (ADSC‐CM) with antioxidants or finasteride and illustrated its efficacy on hair density in both males and females. @AJ make no mistake about it, they already know a lot more than they let on. Note that these stem cell hair transplants are not the same as Dr. Gho’s totally different Hair Stem Cell transplantation (HST). Of course FUT is less expensive than FUE. The more stem cells, the more thick and full the hair. I think they are yet to even start clinical trials, although I could be wrong per Dr. Washenik’s implication. I’m surprised Dr. Jeffrey Cooley’s website has so many picture profiles of patients who went FUT instead of FUE. They hope to begin treating people by the start of 2021. using DP cells to rejuvenate or regenerate hair) currently the only accredited tissue bank is the one in the UK associated with HairClone. Earlier today, the Robb Report covered hair restoration in detail. Paul Kemp goes into alot of detail regarding this unique UK regulatory route on the ‘other’ hair loss blog some of you may be famaliar with. What really caught my eye is the below quote from renowned Bosley Medical director Dr. Ken Washenik. I am led to believe that he is talking about HairClone, a company that I covered in detail a number of times between 2016-2019. Red, we’re still well within the first quarter of this year. So my thought is that maybe this could happen with some other treatment that actually works and we have never heard to talk about before? Bad news: HST-001 did not achieve statistical significance at the … This is where the hair also regrows. All signs, facts (and assumptions) summarized: I would be very surprised if Organ/Tsuji/Kyocera wouldn’t release their products very soon in Japan. And, it won’t be cheap, not at all. Just the „suspect“ of some guy. I am guessing that Dr. Washenik is talking about Dr. Takashi Tsuji and the RIKEN/Organ Technologies/Kyocera partnership when it comes to the Japanese hair multiplication trials. Many fortunate requirements came together: * Dr. Tsuji (as you said) and his lab at the University of Tokio, which did amazing basic research in the field of cell-therapies and especially hair research – for decades now. For comparison: Allergan invested 3 million USD in Stemson (without milestones). On a somewhat related note, I have read some well researched hair loss articles during the past several weeks. Hair Transplant Surgery With Stem Cells Stem cell therapy is used in many areas of health today, and the efficiency obtained as a result of these treatments has become more widespread.The reason for using it in hair transplantation is; After hair transplantation, it offers high efficiency in terms of getting the patient to have thicker and stronger hair. Hair-bearing human skin generated entirely from pluripotent stem cells Nature. It is rare for these well known hair industry experts to make predictions of under 5 years. Give them a couple extra years for unforeseen complications and efficiency improvements, and 2022 seems like a reasonable expectation. Interestingly, Dr. Washenik mentions that the US had hair multiplication related clinical trials underway in the past, but none are currently ongoing. I do think they knew it worked in Japan when they promised 2020. Find a Doctor; ... Is stem cell hair transplant available right now in 2020? However, I assumed that their research (in partnership with Dr. Claire Higgins’ team and others in the UK) was still in its early stages. but nothing excitement or new Luke the miracle we want all. It was highly controversial: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-00178-x. There are hopes that stem cell hair transplants could be made available to the public as soon as 2020. https://yaledailynews.com/blog/2019/09/17/hair-follicle-regeneration-may-prevent-cancer-growth/, Dr. Takashi Tsuji’s Hair Loss Cure will be Costly. Instead, it’s all down to stem cells, the ‘miracle’ cells said by scientists to spell the future of revolutionary medicine. Most long-time hair transplant surgeons used to do 100 percent strip (FUT). Fingers crossed. One thing is for sure: if Tsuji can’t pull it off, it won’t happen in this decade at all. The „other“ is the young gun, admin our „warhorse“. If these trials are successful, it is likely that stem cell hair transplants will gradually roll out worldwide, although they may require further clinical trials within the UK before they are available here. “Traditional hair transplantation doesn’t increase hair numbers in the scalp, but hair-regenerative medicine can do in principle, by growing stem cells outside the body.” Hair loss victims are going for this therapy rather than the transplantation. Answer: Adult Stem Cell therapy for hair restoration Adult stem cells taken from abdominal fat & injecting it into the scalp absolutelly will not provide you the result you want. Responsible for the essential and very difficult production of the culturing instruments. Dr Takashi Tsuji Will Cure Baldness in 2020 and start clinical trials!! While we do connect people with vetted, board-certified doctors, we don’t provide medical consultations, diagnosis, or advice. These specific kind of cells, which are located in the hair follicle, will be extracted from the back of the head, just like during a first stages of a typical hair transplant procedure. Moreover, many often continue to do 50/50 FUE/FUT split. Tissuse/J. Instead, male head types are divided into 12 different categories according to the extent of hair loss. Appreciate what you have, and as I like to approch my hair loss: in a superficial world like ours, as a guy with hairloss you need to show much more commitment in every aspect of life: women, job, basically everywhere you encounter people. Yes admin, its not exosomes itself the matter of interest to me, but rather the fact that we didn’t hear about trials and the usual long journey treatments take to become available, it just became a viable ( i’m not talking about its effectiveness ) option. Also dangerous to get the treatment with inexperienced doctors or surgeons. Using cells from a person’s own body minimizes the risk that the immune system will reject the hair transplants (as happened to Arrested Development’s Dr. Tobias Fünke). And in the end, we might all succeed twofold: personal growth and a better character, combined with a full head of hair! What really made an impression on me is that Mr. Washenik  mentions the UK. Significant growth, but temporary? Chris hasn’t had a Wayne Rooney-style hair transplant. Past year there were months that news were coming one after the other but the last months we have some delays like tissue and some announcements like follica, follicum and sammun or whatever they call it. Hard to tell who is right here. Stem cells at the base of the hair follicle known as dermal papilla control this regeneration process. Stem cell hair transplants are not available at this time. No reason for him to now say stem cell HT is near…as it would make his business lose customers now who will wait for the stem cells/hair cloning. Hi Chris, see the first paragraph of that exosomes post. That does not mean it is available for people out of Japan or heck, even affordable. Your email address will not be published. The cost of a Hair Transplant procedure ranges from €1,000 to €1,500, whilst the national average price is approximately €1,763. Only FUE hair transplant can be an option for forehead reduction, correcting receding hair line and asymmetry on your frontal hair … While every human is encouraged to embrace their appearance, it is your decision at the end of the day to do what feels right. Through this agreement J. Hewitt has rights to develop and commercialize the SHT procedure in Japan where regulations allow stem-cell based technologies to reach the market faster than anywhere else in the world. It is quite expensive right now, but further research and development will bring costs down in the future. Well imho that’s basically what most people suspected: not a cure, but potentially another „weapon“, efficacy somewhere in between of minox and finasteride. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. “Stem-cell hair transplants are in clinical studies, and Washenik suspects that they’ll be available in the UK and Japan by 2022 or 2023, based on their research progress.”. That was pretty much around the time when they finally solved the 2 big problems regarding the cultivation of the epithelial stem cells and the stable mass production. And loads of knowledge in the field of hair research: Universities of Tokio, Osaka, Yokohama; the Aderans research institute; the Hair diagnostic consortium. Another name for stem cell based hair restoration is hair multiplication or hair cloning. Admin I wish that picture at the top was really a before and after of stem cell hair multiplication transplant :(. https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/fda-warns-about-stem-cell-therapies. Many people who would like to have it, will not be able to afford it. FUT can have some advantages over FUE, even if most people seem to prefer the latter nowadays. Skin in a dish includes mini organs They are still a R&D company and have no obligations to tell us anything. During the treatment, parts of hair follicles are extracted with a needle. I have covered him many times on this blog in the past. There’s probably more FUT before&after pictures than FUE. The public is likely to see the inclusion of stem cell therapy in clinics by 2020. Way back when, Washenik told us he thought hair multiplication would be available by 2005. A NEW £2,000 stem cell procedure which may actually reverse hair loss is being called the world's first "cure for baldness". They would be foolish not to, since they all have well established stakes in the market. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); “Stem-cell hair transplants are in clinical studies, and Washenik suspects that they’ll be available in the. Other modern technologies … It rightly promotes FUE hair transplants as the best current solution for androgenetic alopecia. Last year we heard to talk a lot about this new technology, exosomes. Why do you have to be so negative does that help? I looked up the internet and many sites said it will be available by 2020, I was wondering if its available now and if not, how long will I have to wait? Pretty sure many people on here know who you are referring to. The „other“ hair loss blog, that’s funny. As you can see from the answers below, months 1-4 are scant growth, 4-8 is when things start to show better and 8-12 you will start to see the final results. 100% agree we don’t need release dates, price projections or anything we need two things: 1. I would encourage some people on this forum to show a little more humility and respect, there are many incredibly smart people working for many years to provide a solution for us egotistic and narcissistic wimps.