However, my problem is that staghorn algae grows almost exclusively in the brightest spot of the tank (middle part) and on stem plants that are near the surface. Reactions: Ivan Stoyanov. One good thing about this algae is that it tend to stay at one "favorite spot" in the aquarium and doesn't propagate fast. In fact, algae aren’t all bad for your tank. Kevin. Not every shrimp species is suitable for a planted aquarium, though. Nevertheless, it’s quite common and can be a major pain in your tank. Especially in planted tanks and aquascapes, these small aufwuchs eaters are welcome guests, since they take care of all sorts of biofilms, including nascent algae films. Steve. It is grey-green and will grow on most surfaces. Crystal red shrimp and Sulawesi shrimp are also good at eating algae but are better suited to keep in a species only aquarium. 58g Planted Crypts and … In turn, plants often grow at a faster and more healthy rate since there is less competition for nutrients and carbon dioxide against algae. LinkBack: Thread Tools: Display Modes: 11-04-2003, 10:27 PM #1 jdwyz . Light is whatever came with the Top Fin kit (only listed as "bright white"). Your goal is to reduce the Nitrate to 0 for a few days. Linda S AC Members. Staghorn Algae is a new algae for me and from what I know it will grow in low flow, low co2 and highly lit environments. Blue-Green Algae. No plant trimming done since set up. Green Water. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. What plants are affected? belong to the group of red algae. big_sw2000 wrote: Is this defiantly staghorn algae. Join Date: Jun 2003. H.K.Luterman. Green water is caused not by the water changing color but by millions of single-celled algae floating in your water. They show different shades of grey. I dose 2 ppm Glutaldehyde to my shrimp tank occasionally and have not killed any shrimp, but my shrimp aren’t multiplying which can be attributed to a multitude of factors. Looking similar to black brush algae when small, staghorn forms long, antler-like tangles. it is (definitely) defiantly staghorn - here are three different pics of diffrent plants all showing that dreaded black antler effect. Day 29: Everything is looking good, staying clear, and algae is very minimal. … Immediately, only a week after the first spot was noticed, the algae had grown on every piece of my tank. The Siamese Algae Eater Fish are big, reaching a size of 20 cm so they will only live in a tank of 20 gallons or more. Staghorn algae appear as thick grey hairs on the edges of leaf margins. Staghorn Algae: Description: What To Do : Staghorn algae looks like thick strands that may branch once or twice until it ends. Home; Buy; Learn; About . I've been doing some reading on staghorn algae, which I have in my tank in small amounts. H.K.Luterman 90 Posted July 22. Even though CO2 doesn’t kill algae directly, it can help control it indirectly. Most importantly, this article tells how to get rid of staghorn algae from your planted tank. Nualgi Trial Update - Day #21 . I'd say it's medium planted. Joined 7 Apr 2008 Messages 10,988 Location nr Bath. I have shrimp Corydoras and guppies in that tank and a nerite snail Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. Nualgi Trial Update - Week #4 (Day 25 & 29) Day 25: I just wanted to show how crazy the plant growth is and that the discus has laid eggs once again. I'd say start changing 15% of the water every other day. Algae eaters aren’t just fish – they can be anything from snails to aquarium shrimp, as long as they feed on live algae growths. It has started growing in my betta tank due the those factors and I … The initial dose was one capful, and after that 30 drops a day. Staghorn algae . 5. “Christmas“ (“Christmas Tree Moss”) approximately two weeks ago, which makes it about 2 weeks after I set up the tank. The Quiet Type; Members; 90 106 posts; Share; Posted July 22. Staghorn algae is probably the one algae I never found a straight answer to but there are a few possible causes. Fundamental information on aquarium shrimp keeping can be looked up in this article. Amano Shrimp; 2. The thing is, I was under the impression that staghorn algae was green and what I saw initially was a very light brown colour. I trimmed off almost everything in the tank that has stag on it. High flow area? Diatoms require silica to grow. Freshwater Fish Diseases, Algae Problems, and Tank Emergencies This is a place to chat about different ailments of freshwater fish, as well as tips on how to control algae, and other topics about keeping your fish tank healthy. Most of what I’ve read says to adjust lighting, fert, CO2, and/ or flow to try and snuff it out. 0. While not all algae can be kept under control with algae eaters (We’re looking at you Staghorn Algae! Brown Algae are commonly found growing in newly set tanks. Algae. Weekly 20% water changes. My tabk has had an off and on battle with staghorn algae for a while now. Some people actually suggest raising the Nitrate levels but that is not my experience. I have a 10 gallon shrimp tank that is getting what I believe is staghorn algae. I cannot prove that, I get 0mg/l ammonia and 10mg/l nitrates. Staghorn Algae grow in long individual, grey-green strands, that form a few branches. The staghorn algae shows up when there is a spike in Ammonia. The most quoted cures are physical removal, less lighting, cleaner water and more water movement. Just done first filter clean since set up. This is what has worked for me every time. dw1305 Expert. Cherry Shrimp; Bear in mind that these algae eaters will only turn to BBA if there’s nothing for them to feed on. Basically, I was introducing new plants as well as Staghorn algae into my tank. Do not add fertilizers during the blackout. 29g Low Tech Planted Shrimp Tank - 5 LF Blackskirt tetras, Golddust Mollies fry, Snails ... and stick to it. Algae Finder: User Manual: Calendar: Mark Forums Read: Advertise: General Aquarium Plants Discussions Discuss aquarium plants, aquatic environments, aquarium lighting, aquarium filters, aquarium backgrounds, and other aquarium topics. Treating the whole tank with either will not resolve the problem you have in my experience. It's not major at the moment, but does seem to be increasing. I cannot say exactly when I first got the algae, but I noticed some algae in my aquarium. Install a new air-pump if needed. ), most algae can be prevented by stocking your tank with algae eaters. It will grow close to the light source on equipment and plants. Blue-Green Algae is an interesting one to include on our list because it’s technically cyanobacterium, not algae. Staghorn algae are extremely unsightly in the aquarium, grow on the edges of plant leaves and hold onto practically every surface. Algae, Aquarium Lighting, Aquarium Shrimp. The shrimp work for smaller aquariums and will do their job over time. Algae is the bane of most freshwater aquarium keepers. In the beginning, I saw only a few spots. It only seems to have appeared since I started adding liquid fertilizer for my plants about 1 month ago. If you are looking for shrimp to help eat algae in a community tank, I would consider Amano shrimp, Ghost shrimp, Cherry shrimp, and Malawi shrimp as an option. Lower light levels in tank. It started growing on the Vesicularia sp. Liquid Algae Inhibitor Easy Dosing, 1 Pump Per 10 Gallons Snail, Fish, and Shrimp Safe Easy Carbon is designed to be an algae inhibitor as it contains chemical compounds which are known to reduce algae growth within the planted aquarium. Staghorn Algae. Staghorn Algae grows in strands but unlike Green Hair Algae it branches like a deer’s antlers. Let’s talk about algae, you know, the green or brown stuff that makes your pretty tank ugly. If you're having problems keeping your fish healthy, or the fish don't seem to be well, of you have some other type of emergency, this is the discussion board to post in. Staghorn algae (Compsopogon sp.) 3-5 business day shipping to Australia and New Zealand . We've all had it at some point and many of us continue to struggle with one for or another for long periods of time. (If you want some I am happy to mail it to you) My tank is "low tech". Staghorn algae are usually found on aquarium decoration, technical equipment and the margins of the leaves of aquatic plants. These organisms convert waste products into oxygen through photosynthesis, helping to keep your water clean. In appearance, these algae look very similar to black beard algae. Although they can look unsightly, algae are not particularly harmful to your aquarium. Posted by 14 hours ago. In the last few weeks, I have starting to get staghorn algae on numerous leaves of all plants, mostly under direct light. Bristlenose Plecos, Amano Shrimp, Black Mollies, Nerite Snails, Rosy Barbs, Florida Flag Fish, Sun Snails, Otocinclus are just some of the algae eaters that can be used with success in preventing and even removing algae. But that's tricky for a carpet. Turn off the CO2. i have a staghorn algae outbreak in my lowteck planted invert/white cloud tank. When brown algae form, it even is a sign that your tank’s water chemistry does not have the right balance. It smells, it’s thick (and slimy), and it grows fast. anyone advice? So what is in that spot? Otherwise, they are somehow helpful when it comes to controlling algae in the tank. No. Algae are a nuisance, however, as they cover your decorations, smother live plants, and obscure the glass. I do not have a co2 setup and hope to keep it that way. How to Get Rid of Algae in Fish Tanks . Increase the oxygen supply. Here is a list of dwarf shrimp in the order I think you should consider them as algae eaters. I have had success with misting staghorn when its exposed at water change with a mix of about 50ml of TNC Carbon and 300ml water. In this article, we’ll take a look at staghorn algae and show you how to get rid of them. Use a timer for your lights and only have them on for 5 hours a day. There is a noticeable difference on the spot algae in this tank. I have tried dosing excel, spot treating with hydrogen peroxide and most recently popped in a few osmocote root tabs ... thus far have not tested nutrients. You could try lessening the time the lights are on. So read the instruction for recommended dosage. If it is a shrimp tank, you may even skip this step. Expand signature. I've read many articles about Staghorn algae and people usually say it's because of some high ammonia spike. 100ish cherry shrimp 1 amano Plants: Mostly slow growing - anubias nana, jave fern, java windelov, hc, Crinum calamistratum. No doubt algae has been the reason some have gotten out of the hobby entirely. Menu. They are easy to diagnose as their growth habit looks a bit like the horns of a stag. So far it has had no impact on the algae, which is growing at its normal rate, and appearing in new places. Boost Carbon Dioxide Levels in the Tank. Nano Shrimp Tank Aquascape in a Jar (No Filter, No CO2) 5 Gallon Aquascape with a Cave (No Filter, No CO2) Betta Bowl Setup (Step By Step with Live Plants) Home. Any chance you can get us a photo to look at . I began dosing with Excel 7 days ago. They differ from BBA (Black brush algae) in that BBA has a finer texture and usually darker color. Im almost ready to give up. If you immerse a piece of these algae in alcohol it will assume a red color. I would trim the hair grass hard and hope new growth stays algae free. (maybe super low tech would be more appropriate?) Manually remove the threads with hand, or remove the leaf they are attached to. Strands can be pulled off the surface or in very bad cases the whole leaf should be discarded. 27 Oct 2020 #11 Hi all, Raws69 said: It does look like stag horn … Think that's pretty much it! I have had staghorn algae in the tank for a couple of weeks, and now the truth is out. Usually grows in high-light slow moving areas of the tank. Reducing the Nitrate to an actual, real 0 for a few days usually makes it disappear. Do you have any pictures of the tank and the affected areas? Is algae bad news for your aquarium? My tank has been running for about 4 months & I am beginning to get the above algae. Staghorn Algae . In my case, I've had to deal with hair algae, staghorn algae, and black beard algae. The color is a blue-green-grey and the algae itself feels slimy to the touch. It tends to prefer plants over substrates or decor, smothering leaves with its growth. pretty much what the title says. If you keep your tank in dark places then too these algae can develop. They can be hard to remove by hand. Getting rid of algae in your freshwater tank can be tricky and you need to be careful what method you use – commercial water treatments can sometimes do more harm than good by throwing your water chemistry out of whack. Close. I'd like to dose excel onto some of these leaves and see if it helps but I'm concerned about the inverts. there's a bunch of snails and a couple bamboo shrimp. For example, the Siamese Algae Eater Fish, Florida Flag Fish, Cherry Shrimp, and Amano Shrimp can be used to get rid of the BBA. It must be completely dark in the tank. I didn't know what a catastrophe was waiting for me. Leave the tank this way for at least 3 days. 1. Cover the tank with a thick blanket.