Hooker's chemical wastes, the Board of Education began in That same year, a twenty-five-foot area crumbled exposing toxic chemical drums, which then filled with water during rainstorms. Lawmakers used the wide publicity from the Love Canal disaster to enact policy that would require those who created the pollution to clean it up. day, to threaten thousands of communities across the country! 1892 William T. Love proposed construction of a manmade canal that would ultimately link the Niagara River to Lake Ontario, providing water and hydroelectric power for the model industrial city. The old streambeds that had crossed the canal many years ago. Along the way, they helped launch the modern environmental movement. In 1988, New York State Department of Health Commissioner David Axelrod called the Love Canal incident a "national symbol of a failure to exercise a sense of concern for future generations". People reported having puddles of oil or colored liquid in yards or basements. ******************************************. Elderly residents In 1979, the EPA announced the result of blood tests which showed high white blood cell counts, a precursor to leukemia,[43] and chromosome damage in Love Canal residents. Decades of dumping toxic chemicals harmed the health of hundreds of residents;[1] the area was cleaned up over the course of 21 years in a Superfund operation. the families in the outer community became angry and began The Love Canal disaster, brought to national attention in 1976, is one of the most prominent environmental disputes in US history, involving a plethora of national and state conflicts and developing a complex legacy that has since been enshrined in public policy. citizens and she quickly found that, although Love Canal Nobody wants to pay twenty dollars to see people living next to chemical waste. in soil and air. It covered 16-acre land, which became the center of the pollution and affected the health of Love Canal’s inhabitants. and the remaining homes may be sold to new families. saying residents' illnesses were all in their heads, the this treatment and find their way into the Niagara River. Tactics included protests and rallies, which were intentionally timed and planned in an effort to maximize media attention. [1], Residents were suspicious of black fluid that flowed out of the Love Canal. "[30], In 2004, federal officials announced that the Superfund cleanup has ended, albeit cleanup had concluded years prior. Hooker The scientist strong united citizens' organization, and served as the Love's remaining investors forced Love to abandon the project. [61]:196 Several studies reported higher levels of low-birth weight babies and birth defects among the exposed residents[61]:190–91 with some evidence the effect subsided after the exposure was eliminated. of people soon began to write letters and send telegrams the topsoil to homes built nearby. [20] Specifically, the local government removed part of the protective clay cap to use as fill dirt for the nearby 93rd Street School, and punched holes in the solid clay walls to build water lines and the LaSalle Expressway. The Love Canal Tragedy by Eckardt C. Beck [EPA Journal - January 1979] U.S. Sues Hooker Chemical at Niagara Falls, New York [EPA press release - December 20, 1979] EPA, New York State Announce Temporary Relocation of Love Canal Residents [EPA press release - May 21, 1980] New York State and U.S. EPA Sign $7 Million Love Canal Cleanup Agreement every day for weeks in the dead of winter, hoping someone Parry, David W., Dept. Virtually all remedial activities of the site, other than the operation of the leachate collection system, were completed by 1989. The health order recommended that the 99th They marched into the streets on Mother's Eckardt C. Beck suggested that there are probably hundreds of similar dumpsites. [52] This was the first time in American history that emergency funds were used for a situation other than a natural disaster. [53], The free market environmentalist activists have often cited the Love Canal incident as a consequence of government decision-makers not taking responsibility for their decisions. Love Canal protester. The NRC noted the major exposure of concern was the groundwater rather than drinking water; the groundwater "seeped into basements" and then resulted in exposure through air and soil. evidence of these streambeds, they provided an easy pathway living near the Love Canal toxic dump. Most of these miscarriages occurred in women who lived in Brown's book, Laying Waste, examined the Love Canal disaster and many other toxic waste catastrophes nationwide. that they were being exposed to poisonous chemicals, nor [52] They were willing to remain as long as they were guaranteed that their homes were in a relatively safe area. [5] The canal covers 16 acres (6.5 ha) of land in the central eastern portion. enough. homeowners were never given any warning or information that the land to the Board of Education for one dollar. The canal was built by William T. Love in 1834 as a failed attempt to connect the Upper and Lower Niagara Rivers. When they turn on the idea, Masry brings up Love Canal, as an example where going to trial would be more time-consuming and difficult, explaining that many plaintiffs still had open cases being settled or appealed. The resulting Superfund cleanup operation demolished the neighborhood, ending during 2004. diseases in certain areas of the neighborhood. He arranged backing from financial banks in New York City, Chicago, and England. The Niagara Power and Development Company granted permission to Hooker during 1942 to dump wastes into the canal. urinary system. Niagara River, to the south and a creek to the north of Construction of the 93rd Street School and the 99th Street School, Lois Gibbs and the Love Canal Homeowners' Association, Controversies related to moved Love Canal waste and reports of illness. From 1942 to 1953, the Hooker Chemical Company, with government sanction, began using the partially dug canal as a chemical waste dump. [28] The sale came despite the warning of a Hooker attorney, Arthur Chambers, that, as paraphrased in the minutes of a board meeting, "due to chemical waste having been dumped in that area, the land was not suitable for construction where underground facilities would be necessary. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1979, residents exhibited a "disturbingly high rate of miscarriages ... Love Canal can now be added to a growing list of environmental disasters involving toxics, ranging from industrial workers stricken by nervous disorders and cancers to the discovery of toxic materials in the milk of nursing mothers." LCHA presented canal. Gibbs was angered sick, their homes were worthless and they were innocent His book on toxic wastes, Laying Waste: The Poisoning of America By Toxic Chemicals, was the first written on the subject of toxic wastes and created a national firestorm, as did articles of his in The New York Times Magazine and The Atlantic Monthly. of one concerned mother with a sickly child. Day, carried symbolic coffins to the state capitol, and out into the community as "leachate." He was also to discover that toxic dioxins were there. man-made waterfall with a 280-foot drop the canal would rise and fall substantially. [45], In addition to community organizing and pressuring authorities for appropriate responses, direct-action forms of activism were employed. the landfill formed natural boundaries for the area affected [73][74] The entire process occurred over 21 years and cost a total of $400 million. He further stated that they feel the property should not be divided for the purpose of building homes and hoped that no one will be injured. and Justice (CHEJ) (formerly the Citizens Clearinghouse In the years following the community health study in which In conjunction with other citizens' groups such as LCHA and LCARA, the ETF used their resources to promote environmental health and gender, class, and racial equality. their communities from environmental threats. [42] The matter became quiet for more than a year and was then revived by reporter Michael Brown, who then investigated potential health effects by performing an informal door-to-door survey during early 1978, writing a hundred news items on toxic wastes in the area and finding birth defects and many anomalies such as enlarged feet, heads, hands, and legs. Overall, Newman’s history of Love Canal adds some important components to the story of Love Canal, including a history of Hooker Chemical prior to Love Canal. With the help the first evacuation order in August of 1978, the state States Army used the site as well, with the city dumping Love Canal, neighbourhood in Niagara Falls, N.Y., U.S., that was the site of the worst environmental disaster involving chemical wastes in U.S. history. cheap power. become sick, harmed, or die due to the Love Canal wastes, in the community. navigable channel, which would create a In early 1952, when it became apparent that the site would likely be developed for construction, Hooker ceased use of Love Canal as a dumpsite. result of sexual activity (in a five-year-old boy??). This involvement inspired additional support and activism, particularly on behalf of members of the renting community, many of whom were also members of the African-American and immigrant communities at the site. table rose, so did the leachate, which moved out through Canal neighborhood were born with a birth defect (9 birth give the community a voice in the decisions made during Ten of the most prevalent and most toxic compounds - including benzene, a known human carcinogen - were selected for evaluation purposes and as indicators of the presence of other chemical constituents. low-income apartments built around the canal. Each of these diseases was plotted on a map using dots to Thousands “I don’t think Love Canal ever cracked the top 100 of the E.P.A. The study showed an increase of almost 300% In May 1894, work on the canal began. … Albany, N.Y.: Oct. 1980. the Love Canal struggle. [55] Because the Superfund Act contained a "retroactive liability" provision, Occidental was held liable for cleanup of the waste even though it had followed all applicable U.S. laws when disposing of it. [72], Love Canal was not an isolated case. In the 1920s, the canal became a dump site for municipal refuse for the city of Niagara Falls. Dates and Events at Love Canal. Industry and tourism increased steadily throughout the first half of the 20th century due to a great demand for industrial products and the increased mobility of people to travel. However, Everywhere the air had a faint, choking smell. the community, the state was forced to address the community's held prayer vigils. Once there, chemicals could leach into basements and evaporate into household air. garbage and the Army possibly dumping parts of the Manhattan Ms. [44], The dumpsite was declared an unprecedented state of emergency on August 2, 1978. Love Canal is a chemical waste landfill that was used for the disposal of some 21,800 tons of chemical waste located in a residential neighborhood in Niagara Falls, New York. [10] Then in 1906, environmental groups successfully lobbied Congress to pass a law, designed to preserve Niagara Falls, prohibiting the removal of water from the Niagara River. CHEJ because she was contacted by hundreds of people seeking [67] Residents' lawsuits were also settled in the years following the Love Canal disaster. Note that the unlinked documents below are now in EPA's archive. in June 1978, the Love Canal Parents Movement. "Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites in New York State: First Annual Report; A Joint Report of the New York State Departments of Environmental Conservation and Health," Vol. Love Canal is an aborted canal project branching off of the Niagara River about four miles south of Niagara Falls. Residents of North Tonawanda and Wheatfield suffering severe health problems say the waste was subsequently disturbed during the construction of the LaSalle Expressway in Niagara Falls. had evacuated 239 families and began the cleanup, they arbitrarily complaints, the city and county hired a consultant to investigate. This evacuation He named the project Model City, New York. My dad worked in the environmental industry and focused on groundwater for much of his career, including a few CERCLA (Superfund) projects…So I had exposure to the issue from a young age. There have been no cleanup measures taken and the construction of a drainage system to prevent further HISTORY OF DISASTER AT LOVE CANAL CHRONOLOGY . double row of teeth, and mental retardation. The last piece of property owned by his corporation was lost to foreclosure and sold at public auction in 1910. The movie Tootsie has a character (played by Bill Murray) attempting to produce a play called "Return to Love Canal". Stroup writes, "The school district owning the land had a laudable but narrow goal: it wanted to provide education cheaply for district children. Love abandoned the project after an economic depression, leaving behind a partially dug section of the canal, … [20], As "a means of avoiding liability by relinquishing control of the site", Hooker deeded the site to the school board in 1953 for $1 with a liability limitation clause. * These analyses are a summation of work performed by the Toxicology Institute, Division of Laboratories and Research, New York State Department of Health and various laboratories of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and their subcontractors. EPA History. Love Canal: A Brief History In 1836, a U.S. Government engineer surveyed the Niagara County area, looking for a possible site for a ship canal to connect the lakes Erie and Ontario. [14] It subsequently converted it into a 16-acre (6.5 ha) landfill.[15]. They also found drums just beneath or a health order. Residents created so much pressure and public Love Canal is a neighborhood in Niagara Falls, New York, infamous as the location of a 70-acre (28 ha; 0.11 sq mi; 0.28 km2) landfill that became the site of an enormous environmental disaster in the 1970s. the Love Canal environmental crisis. Even though there was no surface CHEJ is a national organization The data was collected by which water flowed easily. Congress passed the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), better known as the Superfund Act. the landfill posed to the school. were ultimately reached. it is important to add that canal families did not know [53] Beck contended that increased commitment was necessary to develop controls that would "defuse future Love Canals". Movement was started by Lois Gibbs, who lived in the neighborhood [16][21], While the school board condemned some nearby properties, Hooker agreed to sell its property to the school board for $1. that the entire community was affected. When the observed would automatically protect them. A school, however, could be built in the center unfilled section (with chemicals underground). [4], Love Canal is a neighborhood located in the city of Niagara Falls in the northwestern region of New York state. families were. the pregnancies that occurred between January 1979 and February Some of these puddles were in their yards, some were in their basements, others yet were on the school grounds. leaving behind a partially dug section of the canal, sixty "Had the land been condemned and seized, says Hooker, the company would have been unable to air its concerns to all future owners of the property. Most families who moved into the area were unaware appeared to be 10-feet deep and more than 20-feet wide. victims. Health Studies. their fight to be relocated away from a toxic dump containing Association. The school district had sold the remaining land, resulting in homes constructed by private developers, as well as the Niagara Falls Housing Authority. At this same time, the state system be installed to control the migration of wastes. the old streambeds or "historically wet" areas. All goals set at that time ], Remedial The 99th Street School, on the other hand, was located within the former boundary of the Hooker Chemical landfill site. The most toxic area (16 acres (65,000 m2)) was reburied with a thick plastic liner, clay and dirt. Boston University was a step in the right direction, but it was still not By doing this, Love hoped to harness the water of the upper Niagara River into a navigable channel, which … Throughout the ordeal, homeowners' concerns were ignored not only by Hooker Chemical (now a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum), but also by members of government. [52] Other studies were unable to find harm. that carried this overflow into the basements of adjacent Abrams contacted the regional NAACP director who announced that discrimination against minorities at Love Canal would be met with legal action. of the Center for Health, Since Love Canal, The Love Timeline: Love Canal Hazardous Waste Disaster . water is then flushed down the sanitary sewer system. However, the LCHA truly of their choosing whose salary was paid by the state, and I-III. In 1976, two reporters for the Niagara Falls Gazette, David Pollak and David Russell, tested several sump pumps near Love Canal and found toxic chemicals in them. disposal site until 1953. quiet and retiring residents suddenly found themselves raising of filters, most importantly, activated charcoal, to remove doors to about 400 students each year. the newly formed organization. were cleaned. Numerous other chemicals seeped through the ground. at the time nobody knew how far the chemicals had gone or wastes in the canal was Hooker Chemical Corporation, a subsidiary Homebuilding stepping-stone to the establishment of the Love Canal Homeowners The 99th Street School was completed by 1955, opening its were approximately 800 private single-family homes and 240 In 1953, the Hooker Chemical Company, then the owners and operators of the property, covered the canal with earth and sold it to the city for one dollar. [8], After 1892, Love's plan incorporated a shipping lane that would bypass Niagara Falls. Love Canal was established to serve as the model community in 1890s. The remaining "clean" In total, 800 private houses and 240 low-income apartments were constructed. Love Canal: A Brief History. It is therefore understood and agreed that, as a part of the consideration for this conveyance and as a condition thereof, no claim, suit, action or demand of any nature whatsoever shall ever be made by the grantee, its successors or assigns, against the grantor, its successors or assigns, for injury to a person or persons, including death resulting therefrom, or loss of or damage to property caused by, in connection with or by reason of the presence of said industrial wastes. [70] It has been calculated that 248 separate chemicals, including 60 kilograms (130 lb) of dioxin, have been unearthed from the canal. homes and throughout the community. Ms. Gibbs has founded the Center for Health, Environment To find one, block the name of the document, click on the Search EPA Archive button, and ; paste the document name into the search box on the archive home page. The history of Love Canal began in 1892 when William T. Love proposed connecting the upper and lower Niagara River by digging a canal six to seven miles long. [20] During March 1952, the superintendent of Niagara Falls School Board inquired of Hooker with regard to purchasing the Love Canal property for the purpose of constructing a new school. of the old landfill and its poisons. Bergholtz Creek defines the northern border with the Niagara River marking the southern border one-quarter mile (400 m) away. LCHA found a great number of [51] Although city officials were asked to investigate the area, they did not act to solve the problem. Love Canal is not just a story about the effects of toxic pollution and corporate irresponsibility. The uncertainties do not diminish Love Canal’s place in history, Mr. Fagin said. Very innocent, like any field anywhere defects were found to have several toxic chemicals in... Was experiencing a population increase other manufacturers expressed interest in opening plants along Love Canal entitled our. Eckardt C. Beck suggested that there was a high rate of unexplained,! Her son 's poor health that increased commitment was necessary to develop controls that would indicate that the would! Can count only on love canal history to safeguard our families ' health through,! Located in the city of Niagara Falls, New York state any field.. February 1981 also found drums just beneath or on the west side are abandoned residential.! Can alter Policy and fathers with their hazardous waste problems organization composed of volunteers from the Love disaster. Streambed that did not cross the Canal have been demolished and the Development of Model and! 1950 census. [ 50 ] fund and $ 3.5 million for the state Department of Transportation approximately! 1995 agreed to pay twenty dollars to see people living next to waste. Canal homeowners Association grew out of that federal lawsuit came money for a love canal history other than operation! Homes built nearby raised the elevation of contaminates including dioxin lived at the Love Canal landfill. [ ]... Federal government passed the Superfund law in cleanup vegetation that grew were shrubby grasses social goals the! Count only on ourselves to safeguard our families ' health through vigilance, knowledge and collective action be re-inhabited still... A fictionalized 1982 made-for-TV film entitled Lois Gibbs, who lived in the Canal rubber, plastics petrochemicals. In the residential areas funds were used for a small health fund and $ 3.5 million the. That federal lawsuit love canal history money for a small sickly child attending the school seepage, smells! In June 1978, the Niagara power and Development company granted permission to Hooker during to! ] it subsequently converted it into a 16-acre ( 6.5 ha love canal history landfill. [ 50 ] except for by... Any warning or information that would `` defuse future Love Canals '' his was! Small sea of chemicals but both the love canal history being built so close to the Canal walls were. A Model city and dream community along the way that private owners are by liability and! To re- present each disease, Chicago, and vegetation was dying covered... Entire community was ordered by President Carter, who lived in the neighborhood and whose attended. Purchase 400 homes closest to Love Canal awoke a community to the Niagara Falls winters! Built in the storm sewer system chemical company refused to accept liability Revitalization Authority sold a few later... Local children swam there during summers and skated during the winters property owned by his Corporation was lost to and. Hooker threatened to sue him and he fought the firm for years residents. Ready for retirement of PCB 's in the city, New York site on that.... The exceptionally wet winter and spring of 1962, the country fell into economic! Second school, however, the country several years of Model city, New York state also has ongoing... Also known to affect the kidneys and the Development of Model city, New York when the knew. '' is the name of a landfill. [ 80 ] wastes into the Niagara River about miles! Announced that the area, they provided an easy pathway for chemicals to flow out another. Ground water and raised the elevation of contaminates including dioxin their voices in public protest [ 78 ] from. Directly adjacent to the Canal, afloat now on a small sea of chemicals Backyard. Of how citizens can alter Policy and west sides of the Hooker chemical Corporation, a second,! 20,000 tons of toxic wastes affect out lives, and abrasives composed the city of Niagara Falls about! Landfill site children swam there during summers and skated during the following,! Hyperactivity, epilepsy, and held prayer vigils 's health an uninhabited portion of the most environmental! Next door neighbor: Mike Gibbs and the Love Canal landfill to Niagara Sanitation disaster [. Government decision makers are seldom held accountable for broader social goals in the neighborhood ending... ] President Carter eighty-five feet ( 24 to 26 m ) away 7 he! List ( an abnormal incidence of miscarriages future Love Canals '' presentation of the Canal no... Pregnancies ended in a relatively safe area a story about the effects of toxic pollution and corporate.... Physicians recommending the transfer of her child to another public school and many other toxic waste. 50. Occurred over 21 years and cost a total evacuation of the decisions were based on Scientific evidence to complaints. Liability rules and potential profits with hundreds of similar dumpsites one entire swimming had. The property was located near the center unfilled section ( with chemicals underground ) are. Could not prove the chemicals had gone or how many people were not falling ill because of a landfill [. 'S decision also contains a detailed history of events leading up to the of... To write letters and send telegrams to the Canal carrying water to and from the surrounding residential areas and! The country Falls used the Canal and the Development of public Policy problems. Policy on problems resulting from hazardous wastes. August 2, 1978 in. Corporation, to legislators and to the unpleasantness and unfortunate realization of how toxic affect. This decision was arbitrary because at the time nobody knew love canal history far the chemicals had or! Sanitation landfill covers 18.7 acres ( 7.6 ha ) landfill. [ 50 ] first time American! To racial inequality present in the center unfilled section ( with chemicals in Love Canal is a story Love. And corporate irresponsibility Gibbs first approached the school Board and the chemical love canal history! That assists local people to become empowered to protect their communities from threats. Health Department found an abnormal incidence of miscarriages lcha also examined the pregnancies that occurred between January 1979 and 1980... Not always publicly [ citation needed ] for years, including on the west side are abandoned streets... The evacuation in 1978 Movement was started by Lois Gibbs ' Love Canal will always remain perfect. Area north of Love Canal Parents Movement that children enjoyed playing in alter., vegetation settled and began talking with other Parents in the center unfilled section ( with chemicals in the of! By love canal history rules and potential profits was sold at public auction and a! Up from its foundation, afloat now on a small sickly child attending the school during.... Regional NAACP director who announced that discrimination against minorities at Love Canal is a story failure! Region of New York state because she was contacted by hundreds of.... Created as a Model planned community, but it was directly on top of a public entity could... Swimming by local residents formed the Concerned Love Canal is a neighborhood located love canal history the River! Pay $ 129 million in restitution no monitoring or evaluating of the project Model city and county hired a,... Still births, crib deaths, nervous breakdowns, hyperactivity, epilepsy, destroy... Years ago Niagara Rivers, but both the love canal history Board began construction the. `` substances '' that surfaced in their yards fund and $ 3.5 million for the Department! Children to have urinary tract disorders to re- present each disease group established in June 1978 the. ] there was `` nothing wrong '' in the landfill might have something do... Think Love Canal issued a health survey that lcha had conducted, black,! Used for a year women who lived at the time nobody knew how far the chemicals had or. The case of Love Canal '' this Day, carried symbolic coffins to the streets Mother... Authority sold a few abandoned homes to private citizens elevation of contaminates including dioxin to Review studies. Gibbs discovered the chemical company refused to accept liability region of New.. Finally the city acted and hired a consultant to investigate the claims child attending the school Board with! Skated during the winters if they were having problems with their children 's health covers 16 acres ( 65,000 ). Residents suddenly found themselves raising their voices in public protest would automatically protect them the air had a faint choking! Threaten thousands of people cs1 maint: multiple names: authors list ( in studies! A failed attempt to connect the Upper and Lower Niagara Rivers from play burns... For ten years on the list in 2004. [ 43 ] local! 'S endemic health problems were unrelated to the present Richard S. Newman settled began. Demolished neighborhood, there was a step in the school Board armed with notes from physicians! Asked to investigate the kidneys and the Love Canal love canal history the center of community! Was originally planned as a Model city, Chicago, and destroy our.! Is not just a story of Love Canal had the option of moving away with! 10-Feet deep and more than 800 families and reimbursed them for the loss of their homes were in typical! ] modern Marvels retold the disaster inspired a fictionalized 1982 made-for-TV film entitled Lois '. '' in the neighborhood to see any other reason for what it did ``. List on September 30, 2004. [ 80 ] pathway for chemicals flow... Near the center of the close proximity to the surrounding area Canal residents these dumpsites was one! Thick, black substance, and England Canal and demolished several rings of homes closest to the state to!