Its 10kg Heat Pump Dryer (T410HD.W) has a retail price tag of $2,599* and is boasted for a nine-star energy rating. It was installed in May 2020 as part of a new kitchen renovation. $700 to fix a clothes dryer? A Len Harris manager told me it’s been years since they fixed Asko dryers. I also can’t locate many reviews for the Asko ovens. Swedish brand Asko falls into the premium selection of clothes dryers, producing both heat pump models and condenser dryers with prices starting at $1,500. The company was founded over a half century ago, and now it involves a few thousand of people who work at the plants in the United States, Sweden, and Finland. Service in Roslyn Heights. American’s estimate was complimentary because they were fixing another appliance. Asko tumble dryers and heat pump clothes dryers. Replace the circuitboard? These meetings became small narratives with different views, ideas and wishes. Independent test results, recommendations and buying advice. Go back to Sweden, Asko. ASKO tumble dryers features provides maximum gentleness for your laundry. Electrolux's Award Winning Washer and Dryer Pair. Of the brands featured above, Asko produces the most options in compact stackable laundry, having vented, non-vented and heat-pump versions of its dryer. Asko is one of a few clothes dryer manufacturers that manufactures ecology-friendly products. I’ve read really mixed reviews on the Asko dishwasher but price point between Asko and Miele dishwashers wasn’t too much. A little more than five years ago, I walked into a very popular appliance store in Roslyn, Long Island, and bought an Asko clothes dryer on sale. The Asko 7kg Heat Pump Dryer is part of the Classic range, designed with similar features in mind as the model mentioned above. Based on drying a full load about three times a week (150 times a year) for 10 years, calculated at 30c/kWh. Range hood looking at Falcem. Their Scandinavian heritage is also made apparent in their appliances' functional minimalistic designs, and the thorough … So, justifyingly outraged, I called Asko customer service. I found some Australian customer posts regarding reports of Asko quality issues in mid-2012. “I fixed it!” he yelled proudly. That was not nice. The dryer turned on. Compare. Asko is a proud Scandinavian brand and like many Swedish brands out there, it’s quality is guaranteed. I was grateful I had bought a unit with a three-year warranty, so I patted myself on the back for being so smart. Asko is a Swedish manufacturer that focuses on manufacturing high quality, durable cleaning appliances, including washers and dryers.Always committed to environmental protection, all Asko washers and dryers are ENERGY STAR? Original review: Sept. 30, 2020. It was true. Next, I called American Service in Hicksville, which has jump-started my aging sub-zero refrigerator. The air is dehumidified with the help of an evaporator instead of heat alone, so that lower temperatures can be used in … Reading down the “Asko Authorized Service Companies” dryer list on the ASKO website, I called Len Harris, a well respected appliance dealer in Queens that I trust. ASKO Tumble Dryers ASKO’s heat pump dryers are closed systems in which air constantly circulates, meaning that they can be installed in confined spaces with little incoming air. If you can stomach the initial purchase price, you'll be pleased to see your energy and water bills decrease. 10? Because I am not going to throw this high priced paperweight out without warning everyone else in the country about this Asko racket. ASKO dishwashers, with large and extra-large cavity spaces, are built to fit within regular kitchen cabinetry, and are ideal as a fully integrated showpiece in a new kitchen build or renovation. Asko Clothes Dryers Review: Buyer, Beware of the Asko Dryer, Why We Need to Start Replenishing Our Forests, Tips for Improving Your Home’s Lighting for Less, Spring Clean Your Kitchen with Vinegar to Save Money and the Environment, Review of New Glade, Fall Collection, Apple Cinnamon Room Spray, How to Clean Your Top-Loading Washing Machine, 7 Inexpensive Ways to Have Your Home Winter-Ready. I worked very, very hard to save enough money to buy this clothes dryer, and I will not be taken to the cleaners by Asko USA’s customer service department. Almost. Apparently, they also had lots of practice. But it is an outrageous estimate for a VERY expensive 6-year-old dryer that was barely ever used. Your email address will not be published. The SensiDry Sensors in Asko Tumble Dryers detect when the desired amount of moisture has been removed from the clothes and turns off automatically, to save you time and energy. No one tests washing machines like we do. All ASKO dishwashers achieve high water and energy-efficiency ratings and are built using durable components and fully recyclable materials. Your email address will not be published. Have a closer look and find out what our dryers … Our dryers are easy to use and have a great laundry capacity. Product Specs. Then last month, I went downstairs to do the laundry. American is No. The dryer was dead. Miele’s new W1 series is the flagship compact washer line, and offers a long list of unique features. We compare and rate vented, condenser and heat pump clothes dryers to find the best models from Asko, Bosch, Electrolux, LG, Fisher & Paykel, Miele and more. CR members can read on for detailed reviews of four impressive sets from our tests. Found online for $899, it's more expensive than dryers with similar performance, though its stylish exterior wouldn't look out of place in a designer kitchen. Butterfly Drying is created by two paddles moving in a figure eight motion to circulate the air through the clothes ensuring that everything is … My first repair call was to the company that had always fixed my Asko dryer for three years, G.A. It was one of the happiest days of my life. You can now check their status and change the settings outside of your home's Wi-Fi network. But it’s so much more profitable not to train people. And by the way, he also told me that fixing Asko dryers requires special training. “Because if it was the circuitboard, it wouldn’t start working again. I paid a lot of money for this dryer. Two weeks out of the bubble wrap, I made my first Asko service phone call. I consulted my ex-husband, an electronics expert (unlike Asko’s “authorized” people). ASKO’s Heat Pump Dryer has a 6 Star Energy Rating, which saves a lot on the family’s electricity bill. Required fields are marked *, Prove You\'re Human * ASKO understands that every household is different, so we offer progressive condenser tumble dryers heat pump tumbles dryers to suit all styles. The dryer now tumbled clothes. 3 on Asko’s list. All washing and drying machines are made of high quality materials. They came and fixed it for free (under warranty). That was five years ago. Likely going with Miele dishwashers and induction as Miele induction is built for flush mount and won’t void any bench top warranties. Asko Clothes Dryers Review: Buyer, Beware of the Asko Dryer. We purchase an Asko Pyrolytic Oven in March 2020. Gee, thanks, Asko. Everything was working — except the heater. The dryer drum would not tumble. Smarter by design, ASKO dryers are packed with innovative features designed to make daily life easier. Did you know that if you compare any two dryer models, you get extended reviews of both. Blomberg will be easiest on the wallet and, although relatively new among this group, reviews have been positive. They were friendly. That was nice. 5 Most Reliable Front Load Washers for 2020. The Asko W6424 uses only cold water, heating it internally. You'll get a good deal when you buy Asko clothes dryers online and in store at The Good Guys. Do they have someone in Sweden? It could not dry clothes. It’s so much more profitable to list companies that won’t do the repair because your dryers break down a lot and are too complicated to fix. they’re off the hook. There was no clue this was about to happen. Zpracovatelem těchto údajů je ASKO - NÁBYTEK, spol. Asko Washers and Dryers. ... Best Compact Dryers Currently on the Market (Reviews / Ratings / Prices) Samsung Washer Features You Have to See to Believe. Whether you want an Asko large dryer, an Asko medium dryer, an Asko heat pump dryer or an Asko condenser dryer, Asko dryers are built to last, so you can enjoy their amazing drying features for … 20? Asko’s internal washer temperature will be one of the hottest in the industry, with specific cycles, for tough stains, or linens, much like what you’d expect from a hotel. Tell me, how many $80-$90 estimates do I have to shell out before I find someone who knows how to fix this Asko dryer? I deserve better. The dryer seemed to be unplugged, but the red “on” light glowed. One afternoon, Dear Husband went downstairs and pushed the dryer “Start” button. Congratulations, Asko, for hiring people in this economy who will put up with me for an hour. Part of this inspiration comes from our heritage – the landscapes and conditions we come from, and the region's historical reputation for functional design and long-lasting, reliable equipment. A little more than five years ago, I walked into a very popular appliance store in Roslyn, Long Island, and bought an Asko clothes dryer on sale. They told me the circuitboard will have to be replaced and that will cost $700. And by the way, the new company’s customer service department, which remembered me from years ago, happened to mention “problems with Asko dryers.”. Or to list them and let them hand me a $700 repair bill. All stains across the board were greatly diminished. It’s boasted for a six-star energy efficiency rating, costing approximately $47 in power bills each year. One customer mentioned the recent buyout of Asko (possibly late 2012) by another high-line European company (one I haven't heard of), and posited that the last months of the Swedish-built Asko machines may have been assembled with less-than-committed attitude toward quality by workers who would be … It was as green as grass, sizzling with energy-efficient, Swedish ingenuity. The Asko model I bought, the electric T761, had a three year warranty. We at ASKO are inspired by Scandinavia. $700 is itself a ridiculous amount to charge anyone to fix a clothes dryer. Service was sold a few years ago; the new owners do not fix Asko. And then the following year. includes 2 listings 1.9 from 35 reviews Latest review: I had gone to purchase another high end brand and was convinced to purchase Asko as "it is the same quality but without the high end price tag". I took a look again and was pleasantly surprised to see that GE and Samsung now make compact washers that can fit in an apartment kitchen or closet. It was so sudden – I pushed the “Start” button, and the unit wouldn’t turn on. These sophisticated laundry appliances make doing the washing a breeze while fitting right in with any contemporary home décor. Across the board, the Asko did a great job at stain removal when compared to other compact machines. Me, I’m buying a dryer made in Germany with a two-year warranty: A Miele. A circuitboard doesn’t fix itself.”, “Usually, it’s just a loose electrical connection,” said D Ex-H, “possibly from the main processor that turns on the heater circuit. For example, LG DLE2240W vs Maytag MGDE500VW. What a mistake. ... condenser and heat pump tumble dryers and hidden helpers laundry accessories. s r.o., se sídlem Nákupní 444/6, Praha 10 - Å těrboholy, IČ: 41193946, dále jen “Správce”. Asko T784CHP (Heat Pump Clothes Dryer): 2 out of 5 stars from 31 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site The Swedes are energy masters , owing no doubt to their 24-hour nights and long, cold winters. 1 on Asko’s “Authorized” list. The one-way tumbling process is unique. Asko Electric Dryers No matter what life throws at you, Asko has the perfect Electric Dryer to make short work of your laundry. It’s Asko’s fault. “It’s definitely not the circuitboard,” he declared. Right? This is not the kind of relationship I ever had in mind. That’s like telling me that the battery in my car is dead so you are going to charge me for a new engine. The Consumer guide to clothes dryers. Now if Asko trained its people properly, instead of this charade they have going, their service people would have known that. The pairs are broken into two groups—compact washers with vented electric dryers … For three days, I wandered around the house trying to figure out what to do. Compare prices and features, read Asko Dryers reviews and buy the best one. Now I hate Asko even more. Get performance ratings and pricing on the Asko W6424W washing machine. The EFLS627U gets excellent reviews from owners, earning 4.7 out of five stars across more than 3,600 reviews at the Home Depot website—the best average rating we’ve seen for … Three weeks passed, and the drum again stopped working. × 8 = fifty six. It has a stainless steel drum, a single phase motor, and condensed water tank. These people are apparently paid to endure the wrath of burned and belligerent Asko owners and to his credit he indeed listened politely to me vent for over an hour. That’s how badly he needs that job. ASKO dryers with sensor system will dry your clothes in shortest possible time and with lowest possible energy consumption. They knew what they were doing. In the work to develop our latest dryers we met many users. Besides, all modern models among Asko dryer reviews are Energy Star qualified. Unfortunately for me, G.A. They had already fixed this dryer four or five times. What a mistake. Customers benefit from so-called “2 + 1 Warranty” policy according to which each customer that purchases Asko goods can extend the term of the warranty from 2 years to 3 years period after the registration of the product within 90 days, since the purchase date. The repairman left. A solid 24-inch washer with a reputation for reliability and helpful customer service, plus a shorter wash time, and a fast spin cycle to dry clothes more quickly. Old-style, vented tumble dryers have been superseded by heat pump and condenser technology, while smaller space-saving products are often ineffective for drying even medium sized wash loads. So I headed downstairs and had a look. To save living space in the apartment, Asko offers consumers a great possibility of placing the clothes dryer over the Asko front-load washing machine. Len Harris is No. The only 3 brands that had compact washer and dryers when I did my renovation ~3 years ago were Bosch, Asko and Miele. So I knew something was wrong. $1,499.99 MSRP It is also, according to a real electronics expert I have talked with, a huge overcharge for what is almost certainly a minor repair to an otherwise perfectly good circuitboard. qualified, saving you water, energy, and money. The Asko website talks about the “relationship” this company builds with its customers. For this review, we will focus on one Asko dishwasher model ASKO … Made from the highest quality materials, the Caring Soft Drum™ treats clothing with the upmost of care and produces perfect drying results. From the high-efficiency, high-performance UltraCare Family size to the supersized UltraCare XXL workhorse, Asko has the right sized laundry system for any family, large or small. I thought 3-year “bumper-to-bumper” was evidence a company stands behind its products. Clothes dryers can make up to 3.7% of your average household's energy usage, so look for the lowest number to avoid paying more for your energy than necessary. Will I ever find anyone? So buying Asko clothes dryers, the customers get three years of free warranty repair service. As a result, we feel confident in saying that Miele’s compact washers are currently the best available on the market. Miele's new line of high-end washers and dryers includes remote connectivity and control. Manufactures tend to use stainless steel, rather than plastics since numerous tests have shown that the first one is the best material for everyday usage. The Asko T753 is a high-end, compact, European-style clothes dryer. Asko’s competitors in the upscale appliance segment include Bosch, Miele, KitchenAid, and Viking Range. Read more about ASKO Tumble Dryers. Tumble Dryers by Asko Appliances. It is the only 1,600 RPM speed washer on the market which extracts the maximum amount of moisture leaving less work to the dryer. Let me tell you what’s wrong with my dryer. Enjoy faster cycles and unbeatable results with an Asko dryer. We learned a lot and started developing a new generation of tumble dryers with a great many improvements and solutions. If Asko won’t teach you how to re-charge a battery, it’s not your fault. That would be like a burned out light bulb that sudden turns on. Or a hairline crack that needs repair.”. Bottom line: Asko doesn’t deserve my business. In addition, they are a little less deep than the Bosch ideal for under counter applications. I deserve an honest, affordable estimate from a competent repair person on a current list of trained people. 5 Most Reliable Top-Load Washers of 2020. It was one of the happiest days of my life. So they won’t fix it, either. Nowadays, Asko is well-known as the world leader in the laundry products field. Do you know what happened? Find the best Asko Dryer among 22 models. This thing cost a bundle, and it was not made in China. Let me say that again: IT’S ASKO’S FAULT. Having modern design and being equipped with all the necessary options for convenient and easy drying, these models use less electricity than similar models of other brands. Another repair three months later. Apparently, it’s just an excuse to overcharge stupid people like me for a piece of junk that you fix over and over for three years and then bam! Give your clothes extra protection with our Butterfly Drying System. Where? Asko household appliances are in the greatest demand in more than 35 countries around the world. And by the way, why did my Asko break down FOUR OR FIVE TIMES under warranty?