I've Switched to sprint about a month ago and when I switced I asked them if I will be able to send and receive MMS over wifi because my house is a dead zone. I cannot send them over 4g or wifi. I get the same error messages when I try to send a mms to myself, so it does not send and therefore I don't receive it. It works fine everywhere else. Et c'était bien, parce que les autres applications ne se lançaient pas et tout se coupait tout seul. Hopefully I can help. Look up your device information. Browse over to the Apple deregister page to de-activate iMessages. I have found that the only way to send and receive MMS while our phones are connected to WiFi is by downgrading the cellular data connection to 3G. this is frustrating when trying to communicate via texts. I have tried many different locations, mostly within the 60640 and 60611 zip codes. I have this issue no matter what router I am connected to, whether it be my home, work, at a bar, sisters house, etc. If I disable the wifi feature and goto network service only all works as it should but I start to eat into my data plan which comes quite close at the end of the month. Let's go over to a private message so I can check coverage and see if maybe there is a tower down around you. Go to Settings > Phone > WiFi Calling. For Boost, the Boost Sanyo Incognito works as well. If I disable WiFi calling while at home, I get 1 or 2 bars, maybe, and no data connection ( LTE or 3G), and am often not able to make or receive calls. Si vous tentez d’envoyer des MMS collectifs sur un iPhone, accédez à Réglages > Messages et activez l’option Service MMS. Our Community is BACK!! Guess I will be taking up my issue with a Sprint technician. Arrrrghb, please try to send a test multimedia message to your own 10-digit number and please let me know if you are able to successfully send it and receive it. The caveat is that your outgoing text has to go to the same software user as you. Si l’option permettant d’activer le service MMS ou les messages collectifs ne s’affiche pas sur votre iPhone, il est possible que votre opérateur ne prenne pas en charge ces fonctionnalités. My Samsung S8 Plus will not send text messages while at my home. Hotspot No. I had no problems after that. Just for the record, that the way I "solved" this was to return the phone and get a used Galaxy S8+ instead, which worked as expected and allowed me to send MMS over data or Wi-Fi. STEP 2: Set Textra as the Default SMS/MMS application. I'd like to take a look at your account settings, please respond to the private message I sent you. I have a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9+, upgraded from my S7. Thanks for your help. About a month ago I lost the ability to send and receive MMS when WiFi is turned on. And as previously stated, I am not able to send nor receive MMS messages since there isn't a reliable data connection. if not i would recommend trying the Google Messages app out. RCS Messages are unaffected. Samsung usually uses their own messaging app...easiest way to rule out if its a issue with the phone that came in at some point or the app itself. I went to the sprint store today, and the worker told me its because you can't use the internet and phone at the same time, like you can't for calling. They obviously have no intention of fixing it. I also de-registered my number from imessages. Unfortunately Sprint doesn't follow standards, so that doesn't work on their network. However, since switching to this new phone I am unable to send or receive MMS over WiFi like I could on my Note 3. Let me ask you a few questions, do you get any errors when trying to send the message? For CDMA it depends on your phone, some can use MMS over WiFi, others can't using the default texting app. Sprint 4G LTE APN Settings for Android. May I please have some of the cross streets and ZIP code? Mine is set to Sprint and when you tap it, the MMSC should read: A Sprint Representative also told me to view ##DATA# (##3282#) and click View > MMSC where the URL should also be the same as above. Are you using the recipient's 10-digit phone number when sending it? I am using a stored number and it is the 10 digit number. Same with iPhone. Currently on iPhones MMS and group messaging are not supported over Wifi. There are where I live gets spotty cellular signal at best, so I typically have to rely on WiFi calling to be able to place or make calls. I reprovisioned and am having same issue. I was disappointed when realizing that MMS picture messages would not send over WiFi natively. Android 5.0 implemented a standard MMS API that allows MMS over WIFI. Sprint. Access Roaming Roaming Intl Calling Intl Calling Intl Calling Intl Data Intl Data Intl Data Group Savings Group Savings eSIM eSIM. It is a Galaxy J7 Refine. I have to turn off WiFi and use 4G signal for them to send. For Sprint legacy plans such as SERO, the Sprint Sanyo Incognito still works. So what I recommend is turning off the WIFI calling and use data. I just switched to Sprint 2 days ago, going from a Virgin Mobile iphone5s to the gs8. Go to Settings Connections Mobile networks Access Point Names of your Android. However, since switching to this new phone I am unable to send or receive MMS over WiFi like I could on my Note 3. But I really do appreciate your suggestions. *********************************************************, Please click here to search the Active Community. Let's take a look and see how's the phone provisioning. Hotspot Unlimited. Vous devez avoir souscrit à un forfait comprenant des données cellulaires pour utiliser les MMS. Not supported in: Australia, China, Cuba, North Korea, India, Iran, Singapore, Sudan and Syria. For Android, text (SMS) messages are sent over voice channel and usually no issues with send/receive. Pour pouvoir utiliser les MMS, vous aurez besoin d'un iPhone 3G ou plus récent, avec iOS 3.1 ou une version plus récente et d'un forfait comprenant les données cellulaires et les MMS. I just switched to sprint and purchased a new Android SmartPhone. I cannot send them over 4g or wifi. This creates a whole different issue because many people forget to turn their Wi-Fi back on after being forced to turn it off. Archived. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Wanted to make sure I was looking at the right device. Any suggestions or known fixes? r/Sprint: **As of April 1st 2020, Sprint is now part of T-Mobile** News, discussion, user feedback, phone updates, tips and tricks, technical … Press J to jump to the feed. Were you able to try the troubleshooting steps provided above by JayRizzo? APN: cinet.spcs: MMS proxy: MMS port: 80: Android iOS Windows BlackBerry. They said yes i will be able to. I recently switched from a Galaxy Note 3 to a Galaxy S7 Refine. Some kind of update went out about a week or two ago and the text app I'd been using stopped allowing MMS over WiFi. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note10+. I've restarted my phone, confirmed that mobile data is on, have switch to cellular data when Wi-Fi is unstable enabled. I hope you were able to get your MMS working! Example, if I send an mms to my buddy on the s20 Ult, he has to be using a device that has Googles new features built into the Messages app. You can use Textra to get MMS over WiFi on CDMA, it should work with GSM phones also. This issue MAY be related to how iMessage handles text messages over the data channel and routing through Apple. You only need to follow the below instruction. 5G. Hi, I'm a Sprint employee and Product Ambassador for the Galaxy S8/S8+...and former iPhone user. I'll see ya there. SP • T-Mobile. Arrrrghb, thanks for replying. When in Wi-Fi Calling mode and the "Sprint Wi-Fi" appears, the call will first be attempted over Wi-Fi. I am unable to send MMS over my WIFI which is 5G (Airbridge). They fail every time. If you are an iPhone as well as a sprint mobile user and want to install APN settings in your iPhone to enjoy the MMS and internet services, then there is a different method for iPhone to install APN settings. I have an S10e on Xfinity mobile with the stock messaging app, it won't send MMS messages at all anytime WiFi is turned on. International Wi-Fi Calling Unlimited voice calling and messaging back to the U.S. Ability to place and receive calls from 200+ countries/territories. Press Add on right top corner. Having Voice over Data turned on or off doesn't affect the issue. User account menu. Even if mobile data is still on, it won't send. I have a LG G4 with WIFI calling turned on - it will do voice and text SMS, but MMS will not work over the WIFI on that phone - many discussions with support and I was told that it varies from device to device as to whether the MMS will work or not. I can still send/receive MMS when WIFi is disabled. Those are in Chicago and I travel throughout them frequently, it would be impossible to say one single cross street. Samsung Galaxy S8 using Android messaging. 1. Hours of Operations are 7AM - 8PM CST. Texts Visual VM Visual VM MMS MMS WiFi Calling WiFi Calling VoLTE VoLTE 5G Access 5G Access. There's also the issue that this phone doesn't seem to support Calling Plus like the lady in the store indicated when I bought it, but that is another issue. I have RCS enabled - problem being, none of my friends use it (all iPhone users or if they use Android, use a different text app.) On est pas idiots, on voir bien que lorsqu'on envoie des MMS, même sans le wifi d'ailleurs, les données s'activent automatiquement juste le temps de l'envoyer ou de recevoir. I cannot go to the message, and tap download as that does nothing. I have data on and can see that I am connected to both a wi-fi and VZW data connection; however, cannot send MMS messages. From everything I've read this is a known issue and effects everything from the S8 up since OneUI and Pie were rolled out. I use the default app that came with the phone but will update after trying out the Google message app to see if anything changes. I have seem some posts online about needing to change the APN, but those options are greyed out on a stock phone, and I shouldn't have to root a phone just to get basic functionality working. Additionally, if the call starts on Wi-Fi and transitions to LTE, the label will return to only show “Sprint.” Sprint 4G APN Settings. I've been a long time Sprint customer, but this is rather ridiculous that I can't even get basic functionality on a just purchased phone. MMS CAN use WiFi, even easier if WiFi Calling is enabled since a tunnel exist on the handset but the effort to correct how it does this as things evolved never happened so it was found easier to ignore and say it's normal... Hopefully Sprint and OEM will address it. unless I am on 3g. Hey there Arrrrghb! Textra has an option to prefer WiFi for MMS, and when they incorporated that change in June 2013, they specifically called Sprint out as an example of a carrier that supports MMS over WiFi. In the Messages app, under settings, there was a Chat Settings menu, that was supposed to have options to enable MMS and Group Chats over WiFi. (Upon First opening the app it will prompt you with a blue bar at the bottom of the screen. When connected to WiFi, I couldn't send or receive MMS messages or participate in Group Chats. Workarounds exist they can implement in … This is a PUBLIC ARCHIVE board, all artciles are read only. Verify iPhone is using iOS 8.3 or later. Can't send/receive MMS over WiFi (Galaxy S8+) I have a Galaxy S8+. It's 100% fixable. Yup, this is true due to configuration and parameters Samsung AND Sprint are using. Les MMS ne fonctionnent pas si vous n'avez qu'une connexion Wi-Fi. When WiFi is turned off our phones will send and receive MMS using LTE just fine. My buddy has to be using an iPhone when I send him mms from … When I'm on WiFi, I cannot download MMS messages, at all. Thanks for your response. Sprint Product Ambassador and Sprint employee --. I have the same issue with My Samsung J7 Refine and find that when messages are sent to me I cannot download, or when I send MMS messages they fail when I am on wifi. I believe so. This sounds nerve racking for you, I would feel the same way. If not then reply back and one of our awesome CARE reps will dive in deeper. at random the downloaded messages will show up, but not usually when I click download. Please try Searching the Community, we have many questions already answered, you can also check out the Knowledge base If you need immediate assistance after hours please visit Sprint Chat. I was just wondering, does Google Fi has any intentions to eventually support MMS and group messaging over WiFi on iPhones? My family all has iPhones and I just recently noticed that we cannot send or receive MMS messages when both LTE data and WiFi are enabled. I have been thru some very intelligent and wonder techs with Sprint for hours...that I have gone over just about everything along with a trip (80 miles away) to Sprint Store in Lewiston, Idaho. I created this out of frustration after jumping between all the major messaging apps and not being fully … I had the same issue with my Sprint phone that I brought to T-Mobile. Hey sydchris0626! Sprint APN Settings iPhone. I never had a problem sending pictures and video by Message+ over WiFi before, in fact it was faster. But when a user migrates from Apple to Android, and tries to send/receive a MMS (pic text, group text, etc) the data channel path is "stuck" trying to send your MMS via Apple, which no longer has a path to your iPhone. T-Mo $ 15 ... Hotspot Included. My old Samsung +8 I could from where I live which I do have 5G WIFI however no bars. MMS over WiFi. I just switched to Sprint 2 days ago, going from a Virgin Mobile iphone5s to the gs8. Boost phones can't be activated with Sprint, but select Sprint phones can be activated with Boost. BUT I don't know if it works in all apps. It doesn't matter if use my 2.4ghz WiFi network, or my 5g one or random hotspots out and about, and I have enabled the developer menu and set it to keep cell data on when connected to WiFi. Here is the fix: STEP 1: Download Textra. The APN does not need to be changed, as that information is programmed in the SIM card automatically. One of the things I had to check was the Access Point Names (APN) under Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names (APN). MMS over WiFi. I have been unable to send mms via the stock app or a 3rd party app (textra, android, messenger). I have a Pixel 3 using the stock Messages. I've updated my profile, prl and done a soft reset. I've updated my profile, prl and done a soft reset. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Then try sending your self a picture message. so after doing much testing with Google message app, I found that it also exhibits the same issue as Samsungs default messaging app and fails to send MMS messages after a period of time after a restart. Turn the service on and follow the prompts. Close. The signal display shows about 1/3 to 1/2 of the triangle, depending on where I am (no bars, its the continuous triangle). after a complete restart of the phone, I can hit resend on the MMS failed messages and after some time it will complete the send. None of the mentioned methods below will fix your MMS if your donor phone's MMS has been decommissioned by Sprint. I cannot receive incoming text messages I've been with AT&T for over 15 years and after one of the updates some time back none of the phones in my household can send or receive MMS messages with wifi on.