In this video we will see how to make thakkali thokku recipe in tamil. Keep aside. Enjoy my favourite onion tomato thokku with hot idlis,dosa & chapathi.It tastes awesome . We generally pack puliyodarai or idli milagai podi. Method Heat a kadai with some oil Add onions, pounded garlic, and saute them Add capsicum and saute along Add salt, turmeric powder, chilli powder and mix well Add tomatoes and mix well Add some oil and saute it for 20 mins Turn off the stove, Onion Tomato Thokku is ready to be served Mixed with hot steamed rice, topped with a tsp of sesame seed oil, it tastes awesome. Mix well and add the required water to cook. Take out after 3-4 minutes, cool and remove the skin. Thakkali thokku / Tomato thokku is an excellent side dish for chapathi or rice. Pressure cooker method makes it quick perfect for just days. Grind to a fine paste in mixer. It’s been quite a long time since I made Onion Tomato Thokku or travel thokku as we call it. Onion Tomato Thokku Recipe is a perfect side dish for idli dosa. If you are staying outside India try using Bombay Onions or Red Onions. This is a very easy to do recipe and can be put together in minutes. Celery thokku is a Onion -tomato based gravy with celery. The color of the Thokku depends on the variety of tomatoes you use; Adding a teeny tiny bit of sugar or jaggery enhances the taste. Boil water, put tomatoes and cover with lid. It's easy to make and goes well with roti, idly, dosa and pongal. Generally, we pack food when we travel in bus and trains. Tomato thokku is a versatile dish which goes well with idli, dosa, chapati, paratha, curd rice, upma and many more dishes. Tomato onion thokku is a South Indian style chutney that is spicy, tangy, savory and slight sweet in taste. I am a big fan of homemade tomato thokku. It can be used as a spread for bread toast and sandwiches. This tomato thokku is perfect for long travels. This onion tomato thokku is without coconut or dal. Tomato Onion Thokku - The simplest and tastiest side dish which can be prepared within 20 minutes is Tomato onion thokku. Add the turmeric & red chilly powder along with salt. Whenever we used to travel, Chapati and Thokku would be packed and kept. Onion Tomato Thokku and chapati is a nostalgic dish for a lot of us, Tamilians. An Ideal Travel Food: Thakkali Vengaya Thokku my favorite side dish for many breakfast items like Paniyaram, dosa, idli, and many more.Though its preparation is simple, usual procedure demands stirring occasionally. It is my favorite side for idli,dosa, chapati, upma etc. This thokku keeps well in room temperature for 2 days. This onion tomato thokku keeps well in the refrigerator for up to a week. you could have tomato thokku with idli, dosa or even just plain bread or plain boiled rice. A few weeks ago, I hauled home five pounds of juicy red tomatoes for five bucks. Pressure cook for two whistles and let the pressure subside. I always becomes amazing accompaniment for idlies, dosa and chapathi. This is no onion, no garlic, perfect homestyle recipe that I learnt from my grandmother. thakkali thokku recipe with step by step photos. Pickle takes place rare in my kitchen as no one prefers it much. Very good recipes Tags: Onion tomato thokku recipe, Onion tomato thokku, thokku recipes, tomato thokku, onion tomato chutney recipe, Side dish for idli, side dish for idli, dosa, side dish for chapati. White onions aren’t much apt for this recipe. What a superb combination. Now add the onions and saute till transparent. They were tomatoes on the vine and were dead cheap for that price, also really juicy and vibrant that I couldn’t resist buying. Tomato - 3 Nos Finely Chopped. It is one of the sides which my mom made most frequently. 1. It is great side by itself but addition of any veggies make it even more special. This Onion thokku or thogayal was introduced to me by my mami, during our visit to a family temple in Kumbakonam. Vengaya thokku|Onion Thokku is a easy and delicious thokku ,which goes well with Idli, dosa, chapathi and rice too. Use a dry wooden spoon to serve and store in an air tight sterilized glass jar. Thakkali thokku in tamil, Tomato Thokku recipe, made using fresh tomatoes, sambar powder and sesame oil as main ingredients, pairs well with idli, dosa, curd rice and chapathi too. When i was casually talking with a friend in Chennai, she was telling tomatoes were in season and they are getting nice red tomatoes. These beautiful flavors play a wonderful medley with dishes like dosa, idli, utappam, appam and wada.In South India it is also packed as a travel food and relished with parotta, methi akki roti and ghee rice.. I made this kotsu and served with my quinoa idli and it was fantastic. It is tangy, spicy and delicious chutney prepared with flavourful ingredients.This thokku is perfect for travel. I have already mentioned in my ellu chutney recipe, that my friend who visited us here, shared with me some interesting chutney recipes. Thakkali thokku recipe or tomato thokku is a easy and delicious tomato pickle from Tamil nadu cuisine. Tomato pickle | Thakkali oorugai recipe with full video in Tamil and step by step instructions. Onion tomato Thokku recipe with step by step pictures, an onion tomato based chutney which has a hint of fennel seeds and cumin seeds, pairs well with Idli, dosa, chapathi and paratha. I also love having the thokku with some fresh bread! In restaurants, Idli / Dosa / Uthappam are served with Sambar, Tomato Onion Chutney, Mint-Coriander Chutney and Coconut Chutney.This Chutney is one of the simplest and perfect accompaniment for Idli / Dosa. Then add the tomato pieces and saute till it becomes mushy. My husband’s favourite and I prepared it for dinner with idlies. Recipe for thakkali thokku – tomato thokku. Also it … This thokku is a perfect side dish for school lunches, a quick weeknight side dish and also for your travel foods. Celery thokku is great twist to your regular side for roti. This is a saver recipe for me as I do it on my lazy cooking days. Saute for 5 to 7 minutes, then add the tomatoes, red chili powder, salt, jaggery, and water. I always becomes amazing accompaniment for idlies, dosa and chapathi. So the shelf life is longer. Potato thokku is one of those recipes which is simple, very easy to make and is bold on taste. This onion tomato thokku is one of the simplest tastiest side dish that can be made in minutes. Perfect recipe that stays fresh for long travels. Tomato Thokku is a Tamil Nadu style spicy, tangy relish that is made using juicy tomatoes. If it is a day of special pooja or weekends, it would not be complete without the delicious okra sambar for lunch along with this potato thokku … It is like a mandatory thing in our house. Recipe with step by step pictures. Cube cut tomatoes and finely chop the onions. Tomato Onion Chutney is one of the most popular chutney variety in South India and is served as an accompaniment for Dosa / Idli. Here is how to make best thakkali thokku … This versatile tomato thokku is a mix of tomatoes with south Indian pickling spices and oil.You can serve it in multiple ways. Try this yummy thokku and definitely it will be your family favourite In a pressure pan or cooker, add oil and when the oil hot add the mustard seeds and hing. tomato thokku … There are different kinds of relish used in everyday Tamil cuisine and tomato thokku is one of my favorites.